Papa Loko: Soul Connector with Othon, Tomkinascious, Tigox, Wandson Maxx & The Blonde Spirit

  • ***There will be tickets on the door!*** Soul Connector While still buzzing from the overwhelming bliss of the last party, we are thrilled to announce our closing summer date and our last ever outdoor event at The Cause. Once more, we will party under the sun, the shaded purple canopy, the multi-coloured eyes of God and the pale rising moon, tuning our bodies, hearts and minds to the ‘Soul Connector’ frequency that plugs into the quantum field of pure being and infinite awareness. The Field Group Following an incredibly expansive July celebration, pre-charged by our first ever Field Group gathering, some of us will get together once more, prior to the party, to purify, meditate, visualise, chant, pray and project our intentions to the Vortex of Light. We shall strengthen our Self-Kingdom so it grows and shines and dances and rejoices in the ever-changing ecstasies of Life and we shall spread our Love above, below and to the four corners, filling everything with its fragrance and transform all that it touches! If the Field Group STRONGLY appeals to you and wish to be part of our blazing vehicle of God, write to us and will do what we can to welcome you 💜 The Sound As we anticipate this to be a very special event, we have decided to share it with all our close and regular DJs/allies that have been nourishing the Loko Spirit during the last few years. Expect to bathe in a sonic ocean of cosmic techno, desert house, shamanic electronica, undefined spiritual beats and everything else that has created the ever-expanding yet distinct sound palette of Papa Loko. The DJs: Othon The founder of Papa Loko and of Conscious Expansion, Othon is a producer and composer as well as a DJ. He has performed his music in renown venues such as the Tate Modern, the Roundhouse and the National Portrait Gallery and has DJ-ed at sacred-plant psychedelic events such as the Ayahuasca Symposium in London and the World Ayahuasca Conference in Ibiza. Othon has collaborated with diverse and respected artists such Wolgang Tillmans, Marc Almond, the late Peter Christopherson (Throbbing Gristle, Coil, Psychic TV), David Tibet (Current 93) and Ernesto Tomasini. Tomkinascious Tomkinascious is the new solo DJ project of Tom Warner from the duo Tom & Jarrod which has been gracing us with its distinct sound in many occasions. Tom’s deep, multicultural, faerie and thoroughly inspired sets vibrate in perfect unison with the spirit of Loko. Tom has also been playing at Queer Spirit Festival, Transister and the International Yoga Festival. TiGoX TiGoX has become one of our regular and favourite DJs since he did his Papa Loko debut a year and a half ago. Besides Loko, TiGoX has played in some of the funkiest underground parties in the city. His progressive, melodic and carefully crafted sound has a warmth, depth and a punch that our crowd simply loves! Wandson Maxx Wandson Maxx's passion and talent has made him a mainstay in the London underground scene and an integral part of our Loko familia. Whether he is opening, closing or playing at peak time, his sets are crafted to deliver maximum results through his uncompromisingly varied sound. A regular at the Egg London, Wandson has been bringing his sets to some of London’s most respected parties and venues. The Blonde Spirit The Blonde Spirit spins deep, soulful and dirty beats with an ethnic twist. She infuses her sound with an infectious openness and transgendered sensitivity. Having played at Stunners and Fire a while back, she has now returned, DJing at parties such as Berlin Berlin and Transister. The Blonde Spirit made her Loko debut in July.
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  • Papa Loko: Soul Connector with Othon, Tomkinascious, Tigox, Wandson Maxx & The Blonde Spirit - Flyer front