Ctm.10: Enstatir Sunghife - Keiji Haino, Ecstatic Sunshine, Jason Urick & Groupshow - & Yokomono-Pro

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    SUN 31.01.10 WMF Floor 1 / 21:00 ENSTATIR SUNGHIFE Keiji Haino (JP) Ecstatic Sunshine (US) Jason Urick (US) Field Agent Slow Learner (DE) WMF Floor 2 / 20:00 WARHOL'S EMPIRE In collaboration with Unsound Festival Groupshow (DE) performing to Warhol's "Empire" ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ // YOKOMONO-PRO - Outdoor Sound Performance Action Geert-Jan Hobijn / Staalplaat Soundsystem (http://www.staalplaat.org) with sound artists Ilpo Vaisanen and Mika Vainio (Pan Sonic) See blog for more details: http://structures.clubtransmediale.de/ �
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  • <a href="http://www.clubtransmediale.de/index.php?id=7652" target="_blank"> <img src="http://www.clubtransmediale.de/fileadmin/template/main/images/CTM10_ticket_button2.gif" border="0" /> </a> +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ A trip to a transitory, imprecisely mapped musical universe, somewhere between folk, free jazz improvisation, ethno-psychedelia, drone-rock and noise, in which amorphous sound transformations, endless tone loops and spectral drones waltz like a meandering stream through a bizarre landscape filled with rubbery strands of sonorousness, grotesque noise formations and abrasive textures, punctuated by bubbles of toxic atmosphere, granular particle storms, demonic wormholes and ear-splitting sound eruptions. Hypnotic music between stasis and ecstasy: incomplete, impossible, unpredictable – led by the Japanese underground icon Keiji Haino. Field Agent Slow Learner (DE) Field Agent Slow Learner is one of the many DJ aliases of Falko Teichmann – a native Berliner, subculture activist, vocalist and promoter. Alongside various music projects (The Crack-Up Collective, The Sighs, White Buildings, Nightwood), he is primarily known as one half of the promoter-duo Goldmund, with whom, among other things, he has curated one of the most visionary underground festivals in Berlin's hinterland. His DJ sets amalgamate ethno-delic field recordings, timeless drones, stellar jazz and contemporary Californian lo-fi psychedelic. Jason Urick (US) Laptopper Jason Urick, working solo since the 2008 breakup of his band, Baltimore noise pop group WZT Hearts, released his debut LP, Husbands, in 2009 on Thrill Jokey. Urick has been active in the Baltimore music scene for a decade: a curator at the Floristree space for the last four years, co-curator of the Once, Twice: Festival of Electronic Music from 2001-2004 and owner of a Baltimore record store. In the early 00s, Urick made music as themoonstealingproject. > jasonurick.com Ecstatic Sunshine (US) Guitarist Matt Papich is the heart and soul of Ecstatic Sunshine, a shapeshifting rock / loop / drone project based in Baltimore, Maryland. The project began in 2005 as a guitar duo (Papich and Dustin Wong) that played frenetic distorted 80s punk, (see debut album Freckle Wars, 2006) and has matured into loopy 60s minimalism-influenced post rock (see the delicate, low-end work on fourth album, Yesterday’s Work.) > ecstaticsunshine.com Keiji Haino (JP) Guitarist, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Keiji Haino has been a radical pioneer in the Japanese free-form noise scene for close to thirty years. Founder of seminal Japanese psych-noise band Fushitsusha, Haino is known for loud, marathon drone sessions with electric guitar and vocals; his insular sound explorations testing the limits of even the most devoted noise fan. Haino is prolific, with more than seventy albums in his catalogue including jazz-rock, free improvisation, singer-songwriter, solo percussion, psychedelic, minimalism and cathartic black noise. > fushitsusha.com +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ // The 11th edition of CTM, Berlin’s unique Festival for Adventurous Music and Related Visual Arts, titled by many as Berlin's best pop and music event, is on from January 28th to February 7th 2010 under the title OVERLAP – Sound & Other Media.
  • Ctm.10: Enstatir Sunghife - Keiji Haino, Ecstatic Sunshine, Jason Urick & Groupshow - & Yokomono-Pro - Flyer front
    Ctm.10: Enstatir Sunghife - Keiji Haino, Ecstatic Sunshine, Jason Urick & Groupshow - & Yokomono-Pro - Flyer back