The Bunker X with Mozhgan X Mike Servito - DJ Olive

  • Mozghan, one of San Francisco's secret weapons, goes back-to-back all night indoors with Mike Servito. Local cult favorite DJ Olive will do his dubby, downtempo thing outside.
  • A full year after our last event at Nowadays with Wata Igarashi, we’re very happy to launch a new series of parties there: The Bunker X. Partially inspired by our nights of collaborative sets over the past two years on Memorial Day with Interdimensional Transmissions at Tangent Gallery in Detroit, we’ll be pairing two artists for each event who we feel will work together to create an exciting and unique night of music. We don’t expect the artists to play B2B all night or to do two long sets, we’re leaving it up to them to decide how to share the night and how they want to interpret their collaboration. For the first edition we’ve invited San Francisco via Iran’s Mozhgan to play alongside our resident DJ Mike Servito. Mozhgan’s early mixes began to appear online and immediately blew us away. She and Servito struck up a friendship on his many trips to San Francisco, and their appearance on many international lineups together. Tonight will be their first time collaborating on a long set like this and we cannot wait to see how their shared love of retro-future lends itself to an exciting night of music. In the warmer months, Nowadays opens up the backyard for the evening and invites DJs to play backyard BBQ vibes. It’s just our luck that DJ Olive is in town for this. DJ Olive was one of the first people The Bunker founder Bryan Kasenic met in NYC, and he gave Bryan some of his very first gigs in the city back in the late 90s. Bryan ultimately went on to run theAgriculture label for Olive and James Healy from 2000-2004. Nowadays as always will deliver it’s amazing vibes, world class sound, and very comfortable environment that should be perfect for these events.
  • The Bunker X with Mozhgan X Mike Servito - DJ Olive - Flyer front
    The Bunker X with Mozhgan X Mike Servito - DJ Olive - Flyer back