bäkenäl Rooftop Carniväle

  • https://vimeo.com/347314553 An event like no other. We present to you a prototype TPI soundsystem for a fully immersive - 4 point surround sound experience while you dance to the music of our jokers. Presenting our High Output, Ultra High Fidelity, Wide dispersion system, we seek to give you an experience of music you may never forget. Crystal clear audio. An audiophiles dream come true. Nothing better than set up on top of a magnificent Brooklyn rooftop with a gorgeous skyline backdrop and indoor a/c lounge! Our production team is bringing their A game with a magnificent display of light tricks and anomalies to inspire and mesmerize. We're here to give you a cozy and curated dance floor that hasn't been felt yet. We want to introduce you to your new best friends! Bacchanalia /ˌbakəˈnālyə/ A CELEBRATION OF LIFE & AN EXPOSITION OF CULTURE Something is coming, can you feel it? Unleash, unravel….indulge. We welcome you to take a breath of this whimsical air. All night long, all of your senses unlocked. Curious kittens come and cuddle under a blanket of sonar serenade. Play every which way, be that child of yours you thought you lost, and stay for awhile. Smile at your neighbor, There are no strangers on the dance floor. Adore this life within an event with focused, fun, and functioned curation, the circus curtains are opening soon. Take a vacation from average sound, Let the music surround your all…. It has never sounded this good. Let’s be the dream, let’s fly away, You are safe to be your craved fantasy. So please join us. Sip this nectar. Take the ride. It is happening. Mmmmm….. yes. Something is coming…. Can you feel it? THIS IS A ZERO WASTE EVENT!!! We will be implementing a partnership with CUP ZERO to provide reusable cups for a small deposit, upon which you will get back when you return your cup. Just like they do in the EU. ;) One of the largest motivating factors for this new series is to show that sustainability is on the forefront of our minds through events whether it be daytime assembly or evening celebrations. Waste control is an ever growing issue, and we wish to not contribute to the growing issue of waste accumulation. We are partnering with several local beverage brands to provide healthy and delicious alternatives to alcohol, especially in the late night/early morning hours. We are showcasing local, organic, and healthy beverage brands to stimulate their business and introduce rejuvenating refreshments to the palette of our attendees. Your experience is our top priority. We present to you: bäkenäl
  • bäkenäl Rooftop Carniväle - Flyer front
    bäkenäl Rooftop Carniväle - Flyer back