Unmasked presents The Horrorist Live, Acid Vatican, Jose Macabra Live, Faux Naïf

  • At Unmasked we never sleep and you shouldn’t either! For our 4th anniversary, we are thrilled to announce the return of a superlative showman on the 7th September. To celebrate this milestone, we have invited The Horrorist, one of the most loved electronic musicians, who has been recording music since 1989 and is still releasing quality music on some of the best global and techno labels. His acts are well known for bringing together a punk and industrial attitude, together with his signature synth-techno sound, but also for Oliver Chesler’s charismatic figure and the way he engages with his crowd. Alongside his performance we are happy to host the UK debut of Acid Vatican: a duo focused on producing music aimed EBM/Techno hybrids and members of the mighty Aufnahme family. First appearances at Unmasked for Jose Macabra, innovative live act, specialised in “Teknoise” and “Electronic Ritual” and for Faux Naïf, whose particular and first-rate view on club music champions the lesser known sounds of tropical goth, post-punk and EBM. Don’t sleep on this one! ✚ The Horrorist, Oliver Chesler is one of the best known and loved electronic musicians. Recording since 1989, the scope of his music catalogue is huge and he has worked for every major label (Universal, Sony, Warner, Koch, etc.) and all the best-known techno labels (Tresor, Industrial Strength, Neue Heimat, etc.).In 1997 Oliver Chesler started the hugely respected Things to Come Records which has given The Horrorist and other TTC label artists freedom to produce the music they like. Oliver Chesler is one of the few artists and label-owners making something new, groundbreaking, and original that gets wider acclaim. The Horrorist is a sensational live act. A mixture of industrial attitude and punk style with synth-techno music. Playing a set that goes from minimal or new wave all the way to hardcore and everything in between, there is something for everyone. But the biggest thing about the Horrorist's sets is the interactivity that comes with having a live performer that a crowd is capable of understanding. The show is comprised of Chesler's in your face vocals, video projection and live drum machine and synth. The Horrorist is one of those unique artists that only come around once in a while. He is a big influence on the electronic music scene and will be for years to come. ✚ Acid Vatican is the collaborative brain-wrong of electronic musicians Antoni Maiovvi and Gianni Vercetti, the founders of Giallo Disco Records. Taking influence from their previous works but upping the temps and darkness, the duo combine dramatic arrangements with transcendental rave mechanics to produce a distinctive cinematic techno blur dripping with grease and excess. ✚ Jose Macabra is an inimitable Live artist. His presence at any event is sure to raise temperatures and provide a memorable experience. Specialising in “Teknoise” and "Electronic Ritual", expect Jose’s sets to rock a venue to its foundations, whilst always favouring audio innovation over safer territory. His magnetic stage presence and professional attitude ensure repeat bookings that have followed him throughout his career. ✚ Kimi O, founder of M II M organisation, has a particular view on club music. Under her faux naïf alias, she digs for records outside of the electronic spectrum, often championing the lesser known sounds of tropical goth, post-punk and EBM (Electronic Body Music). Her broad tastes in these genres mostly stems from the 80s, taking as much influence from British groups like The Cure and Cocteau Twins as she does any electronic producer. ✚✚✚✚✚✚✚✚✚✚ 07.09.2019 / 23:30 - 07:00 (last entry 04.00am) Electrowerkz 7 Torrens Street, EC1V 1NQ, London Info: [email protected] ** IMPORTANT NOTICE ** Don't forget your photo ID tonight! New regulations in place at Electrowerkz mean you must bring a photo ID with you to gain entry. Acceptable Forms of ID are original (not copies) of passports, driving licences, any national ID, Validate and Citizen cards.
  • Unmasked presents The Horrorist Live, Acid Vatican, Jose Macabra Live, Faux Naïf - Flyer front