HTRK & Anika Live at Fold

  • Presented by NTS, catch Australian band HTRK playing in London off the back of their new album. They play at FOLD with support from Ossia, Anika, Trevor Jackson and Pandora's Jukebox.
  • HTRK (LIVE) One of Australia's most esteemed bands, HTRK formed in Melbourne in 2003 as the trio of vocalist Jonnine Standish, bassist Sean Stewart (d.2010) and guitarist Nigel Yang. Their early live shows caught the attention of ex-Birthday Party guitarist Rowland S. Howard who went on to produce their now classic debut "Marry Me Tonight". In 2006 the band relocated to Europe, toured widely and signed with electronic labels blastfirstpetite and Ghostly International. Stewart's suicide in 2010 left Standish and Yang reeling, yet they continued to record and released the intense, texture-laden "Work (work, work)" in 2011 to critical acclaim. After returning to Australia in 2012, Standish and Yang decamped to the deserts of New Mexico to produce their third and latest album "Psychic 9-5 Club" (2014), a dub-wise meditation on altered states and "inner peace" that struck deep with critics and fans the world over. The duo's fourth studio album was recorded in Melbourne in 2018 and is due for release in August 2019. anika (LIVE) The singer/songwriter, political journalist, poet and sometime Exploded View vocalist tip-toes between post-punk, dub and the beyond. In 2010, Stones Throw released the self-titled debut from Anika, a groovy-yet-angular slab inspired by post-punk, dub and ’60s mod/soul girl groups, featuring Anika’s post-Nico vocals over landscapes produced by Geoff Barrow of Portishead and his Beak> bandmates Billy Fuller and Matt Williams. Several years (and several anti-DJ DJ sets later), Berlin-based Anika – who, by trade, is a political journalist – formed the band Exploded View with a trio of musicians based in Mexico City. Their most recent album is Obey, released fall 2018 on Sacred Bones, and it finds Anika sounding equally haunting over a less minimal, but still no-wave and industrial inspired backbone. Anika is playing solo for us and is one of the acts we are looking forward too. DJ support by Yasmina Dexter aka Pandora's Jukebox, Ossia and Trevor Jackson. Presented by NTS & diy. 21+
  • HTRK & Anika Live at Fold - Flyer front