#Archiv_teknologi: FJAAK, Fabian & em ju es aj si, nrmn

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    FJAAK em ju es aj si fabian nrmn
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  • The trio-cum-duo Fjaak are nearly omnipresent within the current Techno scene ‹‹open hats for open heads›› be it due to the bangers released ‹‹two guys one club›› on the Modeselektor-operated labels 50Weapons ‹‹bass drum always there›› and Monkeytown and on their own eponymous imprint ‹‹appropriated rave linguistics›› as well as numerous Boiler Room appearances and hyperactive Instagram activity ‹‹weed for speed›› On the occasion of their Czech debut you may expect powerful club trax delivered live with fierce energy ‹‹three is a crowd, two is nearly that›› With similar stamina under his skin will be ready our resident nrmn who will be opening the night while POLYGON's OGs Fabian (of the duo Selektiv Mutism) and em ju es aj si will guide you ‹‹wasted german youth›› till the let morning ✱ FJAAK (live) [50Weapons] ✱ https://soundcloud.com/fjaak ✱ em ju es aj si [Polygon] ✱ https://soundcloud.com/em-ju-es-aj-si ✱ fabian [Polygon] ✱ https://soundcloud.com/polygonpolygon/sets/no-pants-subway-ride-ep-plgn001 ✱ nrmn [Ankali] ✱ https://soundcloud.com/abscondence TICKETS AT THE DOOR ONLY THANKS FOR RESPECTING OUR NO PHOTO POLICY
  • #Archiv_teknologi: FJAAK, Fabian & em ju es aj si, nrmn - Flyer front
    #Archiv_teknologi: FJAAK, Fabian & em ju es aj si, nrmn - Flyer back