Summer Camp: FOLD x Universe of Tang

  • Expect a lesson in bass when Pinch and Kahn go back-to-back.
  • Killekill follows its long tradition of running Wednesday nights and curates a line of events for July and August at Griessmuehle, bringing together friends and crews from all over the world. Fold, London's club #1 at the moment, teams up with Summer Camp to provide a tasty spread at Berlin’s one and only Griessmuehle. Fold’s A-game will be joined by the Bristol massive’s Pinch and deep wizard Kahn, two UK sound heavyweights to team up with their residents. Represent! Universe of Tang is a crew which started with warehouse raves in London. With heavy decoration and distinctive sound merging UK bass sounds with techno, they built a reputation quickly. Silo will be alive with Tangy sights smells and sounds. Be prepared! Tickets extremely limited.
  • Summer Camp: FOLD x Universe of Tang - Flyer front