DBA presents... Helm (Live), Stallone The Reducer (Live), Flo Dill and Joshua Cordova

  • This intriguing lineup runs the gamut from experimental music to folk to techno.
  • Set times: 6 - 7.30 Cassie Clarke 7.30 - 8.00 Jabu & Daniela Dyson (Live) 8.00 - 9.30 Flo Dill 9.30 - 10.15 Ghost Phone 10.15 - 11.00 Helm (Live) 11.00 - 12.00 Kenny White 12.00 - 1.00 Chupacabras 1.00 -1.30 Stallone The Reducer (Live) 1.30- 3.00 Joshua Cordova 3.00 - 4.00 Dexplicit Last entry is 2am, tickets will be available via RA throughout the day and night. **STOP PRESS** Now added: DEXPLICIT (DXP Recordings) 100% 2004 GRIME INSTRUMENTALS SET & GHOST PHONE (LONDON DEBUT) For our final DBA show of the summer we are broadening our horizons to offer a day and night event reflecting the changing nature of our scene and the ever-widening musical tastes of our network. Buoyed by the opportunity to use a new space in the heart of Tottenham with high grade sound and a pristine interior, we are delighted to be able to unveil the full extent of the lineup, which brings together acts from the burgeoning Texas acid scene, the Detroit - New York house axis, the European experimental new wave, and the core of London's independent music infrastructure. Heading up the bill is Helm, a sound artist and experimental musician based in London, working with a vast array of revolving instrumentation and abstract sound sources. Younger’s compositions build dense aural landscapes that incorporate elements of musique concrete and industrial music alongside hallucinatory drones and various acusmatic phenomena. His most recent LP for Berlin's PAN Records, Chemical Flowers, is arguably his finest to date and one of his most rhythmic. Stallone The Reducer, a Detroiter based in New York, is known for his industrial strength jackbeat drums and full throttle synth work, as heard on basement movers like Always Late, Drug Pusher and Private Property. His alma mater Est. '83 records is the sister label to Fit Sound, the Detroit institution operated by local area magnate Aaron Siegel. Stallone The Reducer will play live on the night. DJ Joshua Cordova is one of the frontrunners in the TX acid scene. He is part of the bands Future Blondes and VCK, and also forms half of techno twosome Permian Basin along with Katrina Fairlee. Joshua returns to London after a successful gig at The Waiting Room earlier this year, and on the back of his contribution to the recent compilation on Myn's Public System Recordings. Jabu is an experimental hip hop trio from Bristol, UK, consisting of producer Amos Childs, together with vocalists Alex Rendall and Jasmine Butt. They are best known for 2017's Sleep Heavy LP which dropped on Blackest Ever Black. Daniela Dyson is a British-Afro-Colombian artist/poet, DJ. She creates vignettes of the motherland that depict myth and brujería. In her work with Jabu she is letting her walls down in an exploration of what it is to love. Representing the voice of London's dense musical underbelly are Kenny White and Flo Dill. Kenny is best known as the lynchpin of cult East London record shop Low Company, the shop which has formed a base for London's experimental scene since its opening two years ago. Kenny has plays regularly at TTT parties and nights like Kindred where he is known for his outwardly looking hardcore and post-jungle sets. Flo Dill's show on leading London independent station NTS is one of its most loved, bringing together electronic experimentalism with boogie, soul and folk via bleeding edge Eastern European kitsch. Meanwhile London-via-Austin go-between DJ Chupacabras, who has contributed to labels like Go Finger and Tutamen, arrives fresh from his performance at the Intergalactic FM festival for his first bout in the DBA ring, and longstanding DBA resident Cassie Clarke returns with her unique blend of disco, soul, italo and all things post and proto by popular demand. DBA label boss Semtek completes the bill.
  • DBA presents... Helm (Live), Stallone The Reducer (Live), Flo Dill and Joshua Cordova - Flyer front
    DBA presents... Helm (Live), Stallone The Reducer (Live), Flo Dill and Joshua Cordova - Flyer back