Saviour x Dublin Pride

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    Pete Dux, Viktor Marina, Vladimir Miler, Zee Ziggy, Alex Gram, Rez Lowe, DJ Pierr, Medalla, Tom Lowe, Throwing Emotions, DJ Blind, Covnoid, Wilhelm
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  • S A V I O U R Come As You Are!! For this Dublin Pride, on Saturday, June 29th, we’re bringing you the very best from Dublin’s electronic music culture. In the amazing venue of The Generator Hostel Dublin, we are assembling a line-up that will tip your soul and stress your body. From early afternoon until deep into the night… In coming days we will be introducing you with the work of some of our DJs and artists, so stay tuned! Looking forward to seeing you all on the dance floor! Happy Pride :-)
  • Saviour x Dublin Pride - Flyer front