Random - Ooooohh Friday 13th Fun

  • With Winter fast upon us and the Darkness of the Seasons upon us we hit... Muha ha ha ha ha ha... Shake your Ass like a Swingin' Corpse and Wave Your Arms like The Living Zombies as you get your Mind Controlled by the power of... *** DJ 'The Count' STACE *** This will get you ready for RANDOM TONIGHT!!! Get in the mood and download FREE PODCAST http://djstace.podOmatic.com/player/web/2009-07-31T05_48_55-07_00 YOU DUN KNOW And on that note don't forget the SEXY ROOF TERRACE we have upstairs all night long to gaze at the stars and dance like you are in e-beeza!!! *** DO NOT MISS OUT!!! *** TO MAKE THIS THE BEST PARTY OF THE YEAR SO FAR PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE INVITE ALL YOUR FRIENDS BY FORWARDING THIS TO THEM AND BRINGING THEM ALONG!!! ?RANDOM? XX *EMAIL FOR LIMITED FREE GUESTLIST - Groups are welcome!!! $$$ FREE CD GIVEAWAY ON THE NIGHT $$$
  • Random - Ooooohh Friday 13th Fun - Flyer front