Sustain-Release Year Six

  • The intimate DIY project boasts another diverse bill where locally adored DJs get the same love as international favorites. Set in the picturesque environment of the Catskills outdoors, Sustain Release delivers an assortment of meditative sets from LSDXOXO, DVS1, Jane Fitz and many more.
  • Sustain-Release returns to Camp Kennybrook for YEAR SIX, Sept 12-15 2019, with another love letter to the rave wildcards. Like last year, Thursday begins in the wooded canopy of The Grove with a showcase of moody vibe setters from the Kansas City mix/compilation series C MINUS: DJ sets from founder MDO, PIL, and live sets from the original “deep reggaeton” artist DJ PYTHON and West Mineral’s PONTIAC STREATOR & ULLA STRAUS. Over at the Bossa stage, JANE FITZ warms up the waters then dives in, playing open to close. The UK-based lifer explores liquid, psychedelic slipstreams and dubby minimalism with a too-rude impunity. Main Stage, now re-imagined with a different layout, kicks off Friday with new generation hardcore iterations. LSDXOXO delivers on the promise of his moniker with a full frontal blast of techno collisions, fevered vocals and defiant erotic imaginings. Discwoman’s AKUA embodies the new School of Hard Trax - fast, physical & freaky. Lyon’s J-ZBEL, who run the label Brothers From Different Mothers, play their debut American live set - scorching, trance’y Detroit strings, breakbeats and attitude. Panorama Bar star ROI PEREZ joins high priestess of acid DR RUBINSTEIN for a closing B2B : they meet in the middle with groovy, adrenaline-honed euphoria. RAW UNKUT sets it off with some supple & smoky D’n’B straight out of Kiev. Up the hill at Bossa, Salon Des Amateurs resident VLADIMIR IVKOVIC brings the tempos down for a sweat-drenched & screwed cosmic lift off. Hyperdub artist & ex-New Yorker LAUREL HALO’s recent DJ sets bring the dank, brainy curiosity of her productions into the dance realm, with unexpected juxtapositions and deft artistic turns. Timedance / Hessle Audio emissary BRUCE closes the night, swerving through Bristolian bass music and steppy mutations with a melting, surreal wildness. Things turn playful, psychedelic and paranoid with HALAL & RELAXER’s collaborative live set. Ridgewood MVP HANK JACKSON doses the start with far-reaching rhythmic extrapolations. At the Grove, ambient sets provide a solace throughout the weekend. On Friday, ANTENES performs a hybrid set: spare, spacey and evocative, her music is created from a laboratory of self-made synthesizers using vintage telephone equipment. De School’s LUC MAST basks in languid, aqueous vibes, and Japanese expat DJ HEALTHY welcomes the rising sun on Saturday morning. On Saturday night, Japanese artist 5IVE joins; his fascinating first record kicked off Powder’s Thinner Groove label earlier this year. NY-based label & party series QUIET TIME host a showcase with DJ sets from the label bosses, Tokyo-based tripper JR CHAPARRO, and a live set of woozy remembrances by NADIA KHAN. Saturday’s pool party is headed by Dutch maverick DJ MARCELLE. Rooted in the ethos of the UK’s 80s post punk scene, Marcelle’s twisting 3-deck vinyl sets bring the genre-spanning ruckus like none other. Brooklyn rising stars ACEMO & MOMA READY ride the lightning, B2B’ing their way through rugged house, techno & Jersey Club heaters. Working Women’s DJ VOICES starts it up with two hours of vibrant elasticity. Saturday night Main Stage is helmed by Midwest DIY rave legend and Berghain crusher DVS1. Visceral and hypnotic, he sets the standard for unstoppable mixing technique, with lean and rippling techno boiling over like a witches cauldron. Finnish producer ALEKSI PERÄLÄ plays lush live compositions using the obscure, mesmeric Colundi tuning sequence, moving between eerily soothing and white knuckle. CASHU joins from Brazil - she’s known for slithering sets at Mamba Negra, the legendary queer warehouse rave she runs in São Paulo. Powerfully cerebral producer WATA IGARASHI returns for a live set, shepherding us through hypnotic wormholes. And midway through the night, it gets switched up with by Drum’n’Bass legend & Exit Records founder DBRIDGE, who rolls UK’s native grooves into a chrome-plated & seductive attack. NY’s HIRO KONE opens with a poetic industrial-tinged modular live set. At Bossa, none other than POWDER closes the weekend with an 8+ hour joyride through the sublime & strange. Vancouver deep dreamer D. TIFFANY pumps the gas though misty terrain, fusing pumping electro, euphoric house and trance bombs. Timedance’s BATU has chops on lock - mixing up techno and dancehall with the bass submersions of Bristol. BETA LIBRAE returns from her first EU tour with a tuff & tender live set of neon-dappled syncopations. St. Petersburg-born artist PERILA has been sending out a series of incredible, intensely chillradio sessions for years, and just released her first LP - treating groove like a deep exhale. Both stages have hand-built lighting by NITEMIND and Funktion-One sound systems by PURPLESOUND. The Grove lighting & environmental design by KIP DAVIS. The Grove stage cover built by SAFWAT RIAD. Food is provided by the same teams - LIL MO’S in the canteen, vegan-focused REMEDI in the cafe, and a BBQ on Friday & Saturday afternoons. Tickets are limited to 1,000. Due to limited capacity, S-R uses a membership system. Previous attendees can buy a ticket for themselves during the first round and one for a guest in the second round. Entrance at the camp will start at 3PM Thursday and close Sunday 3PM. Tickets are valid for the entire weekend; we don’t offer day-passes. Buses will go upstate on Thursday & Friday and return to NYC on Sunday, and will go on sale after July 25th, along with ticket transfers and a message board. Parking passes are free and become available August 30th. See you in the trees. SUSTAIN-RELEASE.COM
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