Modal Form 30: Heidi Sabertooth / M Parent / Kohl

  • Modal Form 30 – with guest Heidi Sabertooth (Lost Soul Enterprises / Lobster Theremin) – with hosts M Parent (Blankstairs / Chem Club) Kohl (Blankstairs / Umor Rex) – A monthly session exploring the furthest reaches of dub/dub-techno and beyond within the lovely listening focused environment that is Jupiter Disco. – – "Today, one can hear almost any style of music in any surrounding and in any situation. The sound of big opera ensembles can be fitted onto a windsurfing board, and the sound of a nylon stringed guitar can fill a football stadium; one can listen to march music in the bathtub and salon music in the mountains. This state of affairs is still quite novel. Not that long ago, one was obliged to go to the opera to hear opera, and the only way to hear the guitar was to sit rather close to the performer. Various musical styles were implicitly bound to specific environments and specific relationships between the performer and the listener." –
  • Modal Form 30: Heidi Sabertooth / M Parent / Kohl - Flyer front