Mumu 2nd Birthday Liverpool: Anja Schneider & Pier Bucci - Live

  • after the amazing party on boxing night at the old tobacco warehouse, we will go back there again for our birthday bash. 6th feb marks our 2 year annivesary in liverpool, and we wanted the party to involve some of the pals we have made along the way & represent the 3 elements our music policy is built around; - live electronic, house & techno. techno: ANJA SCHNEIDER (mobilee) over the last 2 years one of our strongest bonds has grown with the MOBILEE crew, and none more so than the first lady herself, ANJA SCHNEIDER. Label head, and also head of sub label, LEENA, Anja has a hectic schedule, dj'ing in every corner of the globe, whilst continuing to support and nurture new talent such as And.Id(live). It seems only fitting that as we celebrate our milestone, we welcome back one of our genuine, thoroughly decent friends, to grace the decks for us once again. live electronic: PIER BUCCI [live] (cadenza/wagon repair) sunday 25th may bank holiday 2008. the magnet basement. 3am. stood at the back of the main room as joe tague was held aloft on shoulders somewhere in the melay that had become the dancefloor as it erupted, the reason? PIER BUCCI. that was a defining night for mUmU that set the stage for things to come, and the benchmark to aim for. We'v waited almost 2 years to bring Pier's live show back, and we are delighted its for our birthday knees up. house: GEDDES (murmur/mulletover) talking about benchmarks, THE party that has set the highest level over the last 5 years, has without doubt been mulletover. constantly taking on new exciting spaces in london, whilst maintaining a musical integrity second to none. A real standout jem against a backdrop of lazy, greedy promoters. At the hub of this has been co promoter & resident dj, GEDDES. Managing to run his own record label, murmur, whilst co ordinating serious nighttime debauchery, and also blending the finest house music he can get his hands on. GEDDES is a stand up guy and another friend of mUmU, who we welcome back to help take control of birthday proceedings. residents: HARRISON & LEE RANDS (mUmU) involved from day 1, at the first party in parr street recording studios, these boys are only just beginning to find their stride. musical perception and awareness, well beyond their years. massive ability, showing maturity & wisdom, warming up dance floors, seducing people forward, whilst all the time showing huge restraint, offering up the limelight to the headliner. they are testiment to the art of the true warm up dj.
  • Mumu 2nd Birthday Liverpool: Anja Schneider & Pier Bucci - Live - Flyer front
    Mumu 2nd Birthday Liverpool: Anja Schneider & Pier Bucci - Live - Flyer back