The MUDD Show presents Shampoo Douglas & Genes Band

  • This new party broadcasts live music surrounded by art installations.
  • The MUDD Show is a regular live music broadcast showcasing sonic and visual art in an intimate format. The show will facilitate collaboration between musicians, videographers, photographers, stage designers and visual artists. Our mission is to push the boundaries of art with technology and showcase it to the world. The second episode of The MUDD Show will be presented on July 9th from Fitzroy Berlin, featuring a performance from Shampoo Douglas, with a twist. The duo of Alexander Folonari & Ruben Lombroso will be joined by Genes Band (Steve Schofield, Gidi Fardhi & Nishad Pandey), complementing their regular live set up with additional instrumentation, both electronic and acoustic. The pair have already impressed with releases on Wurzel, Secret Society and most recently Pager, and with live sets at Robert Johnson and OHM. Italian by birth but residing in Berlin with plenty of stops in between, a host of influences will be revealed on July 9th when The MUDD Show goes live once again. As a very special precursor to the live show, we also welcome Andrew James Gustav. Andrew will draw on a seldom heard side of his record collection, playing a rare non-dance music set to start the evening. Max Davis will wind down the night, after recently returning from an extended stint in Asia. This edition will feature an art installation, showcasing the work of French artist Clara Villechaise. Surrounded by art since childhood, and a former student of Fine Arts at the University of Limoges, Clara will present a selection of her work, demonstrating her deep affinity for plastic arts and her quest to discover new mediums and techniques. Tickets -
  • The MUDD Show presents Shampoo Douglas & Genes Band - Flyer front