Trans Opera at Cruising Corpoliteracy, Reading Bodies

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    Dynno Dada, Bogomir Doringer, Tina Escarlatina, Feministische Recherchegruppe, Human Rights Tattoo, Klaus Spiess & Lucie Strecker, Studio Moniker, Jules Sturm, Mavi Veloso, Sanni Est, Jeremy Wade and many others.
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  • Whether on the subway, on social media, at the museum – in fractions of a second, people classify the bodies surrounding them, often in categories like female/male, young/old, sick/healthy, alien/familiar, normal/different. Bodies are complex sign systems. They send intentional and unintentional messages, reflect traditions and current trends, which are often interpreted unconsciously by others. Corpoliteracy, or body reading, is interested in the complex backgrounds of how people perceive themselves and others. Corpoliteracy reflects value systems, social practices and the mechanisms that lead to attributions, constraints and exclusions.