Fields Festival

  • Venue
    • Sharikopodshipnikovskaya str 13 bld 32, Moscow, Russia, 115088
  • Date
    10 Aug 2019
    Sat 16:00 - Sun 23:59
  • Attending
    • 35
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    Fields: Senyawa SHXCXCHCXSH Carla dal Forno Ishome Kedr Livansky Kemialliset Ystävät Misha Mishenko Интурист Kate NV SSTROM PTU Foresteppe Kymatic Moa Pillar Андрей Ли и Виктор Глазунов с программой «Объект и среда» Vtgnike solo.operator x Brinstaar Петр Термен & Benjamin Skepper oqbqbo Salama BAD ZU Abelle Yung Acid Lipelis Sestrica Holy palms S A D Zurkas Tepla Rekk&Kutoboy LINJA band Алексей Бобровский Narcissi Broken Composers Symphocat EYWA3 Marzahn // Diagonal showcase: HP (Rassell Haswell & Powell) NHK Sote // New New World Radio showcase The Wire Soundsystem Graham Dunning Виды Рыб Denis Smagin Sonestrose Arthur Kuzmin // Рихтерфест showcase: Carl Stone Youssef Abouzeid Rites Of Passage Drojji Drumutabor Алексей Борисов / Дмитрий Лапшин / Максим Елизаров, Speedball Trio Sanscreed Kanon Петяев-Петяев Квартет // Ored Recordings showcase Хава Хамзатова Заур Нагоев Jrpjej
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  • The fifth edition of Fields festival devoted to inventive music will take place at Mutabor space. Its program will cover two days and one night, and the action itself will take place on three parallel scenes. Fields festival is built on musical contrasts, and completely abolished genre restrictions – it breaks the walls between generations and builds the bridges between the cultures and subcultures. Meditative ambient, noisy electronics, academic avant-garde, folklore, techno-base, self-made pop and non-psychedelics – the musical plan of this year is drawn with a barely noticeable dotted line. The format of this year will be spread not only in breadth, but also in depth: in addition to the main program, the festival will include curatorial blocks and showcases evenly dispensed along the program schedule. In the program: over 30 live performances, long-awaited Russian premieres and sudden collaborations. An important role is assigned to the non-obvious heroes of the independent scene and the gray cardinals of avant-garde. Tickets:
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