Audacious Open air

  • Audacious is a concept hosted by Amare, born out of the love for the deeper, warmer, more colourful and sexy sounds. Think dirty bass lines, melodic & deep techno, funky house. Imagine all this with a playful touch and an exotic hint to it. That’s the sassy sound we’ll select for you. For this event in the middle of summer, we selected a beautiful outdoor venue in the middle of nature - and we'll go back to our day-party format. Also, there are busses to and from the event (see below). ************ LINE UP ************ Blade & Beard (Raving Iran) Amare (Audacious) Caspar (Thé Dansant, Ketaloco) Dauw (Gardens of Babylon, Mate family) Lexx (ON) Miyaguy (Sunday Matinee, Gardens of babylon) *********************** How to get there ? *********************** There is a big parking lot right next to the venue, so it's very easy to come by car. But don't drink and drive ! Because we want everyone to party hard and come home safe, and because we care about the planet, we organise busses to and from the event: BUS TICKETS - bus will leave from Brussels at 13.30 pm and could make a quick stop in Leuven, Aarschot, Lummen and/or Houthalen, Helchteren (depending on the needs of those people who bought the bus ticket) Important: - Exact place and time for each stop will be sent through e-mail to all busticket-buyers a few days before the event, and will depend on the needs of the busticket-buyers. We'll do our best to make the bus trip as efficient and at the same time as comfortable as possible. - In order to receive our e-mail you must tick the box "allow Audacious to contact me" while ordering your ticket. We'll contact you twice: once to inform about your preferred itinerary and once to confirm place and time of pick up / drop off. - The bus will stop close to the highway entries. You'll still need some kind of transport from your home to the place where the bus will stop. - It's only possible to buy a return ticket, there are no one way tickets for sale. In case you'll only use the bus to return after the event, you'll still need to pay the full price. Although you could gift your empty one-way seat to a friend for instance. - Within the traject of the bus, it is possible to get off at a different place than where you got on the bus (for instance get on the bus in Tongeren at noon and get off the bus in Hasselt at night) but you can not switch busses. (so getting on in Hasselt and getting off in Antwerp is not possible). - Taking the bus is the most relaxed and ecological way to get to the event. Moreover, it's an excellent opportunity to get to know the other party people or to take a little nap before or after a full afternoon of dancing. - "Return bus ticket midden Limburg" is for those who get on the bus in Lummen, Beringen, Zonhoven, Houthalen, Helchteren. - Bus tickets exclude the entrance tickets, except the "early bird + return bus ticket" option, which includes the entrance to the festival. don't hesitate to contact us if anything is unclear.
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