Trouble Vision with Skatebård, Perel & Manfredas

  • Skatebård always brings the heat to the dance. Flanked by Perel and Manfredas, this one's sure to be cosmic.
  • Norweigan disco king Skatebård is joined by the ‘SLO-Motion’ explosion from Vilnius - Manfredas - and motorik hypnotism courtesy of DFA’s Perel. As chairman of the Bård at Digitalo Enterprises and a long-time collaborator with labels like Sex Tags Mania and Bordello A Parigi, Skatebård has forged his own truly unique dance floor sound. A Skatebård set is a near 20 year honed, scando-cosmic dive into the sub-genres of dance music. Blistering breaks mingle with progressive house numbers, disco-dipped middle eights and italo drenched lazer records. We can’t wait to have him back in Corsica Studio’s main room. Melody and harmony play at the centre of a Perel performance. She plays deeply hypnotic, trance inducing records that give a nod to her love of synth pop, wave and Berlin’s club scene. She combines noir beats and irresistible melody creating dance floor euphoria wherever she goes. Manfredas will be putting Room 2’s rig through its paces all night with an extra special extended set. As a member of Smala, Opium club’s premiere club night, Manni helped put Vilnius on Europe’s party map. He is always intriguing - drawing on an expansive knowledge of the left field drawn from his years working in Lithuanian radio and a span of releases across hot houses like Les Disques De La Mort and Multi Culti. Mr. Lactic represents Trouble Vision with a Corsica Studios debut packed with early hours club heaters.
  • Trouble Vision with Skatebård, Perel & Manfredas - Flyer front