Porn by Pornceptual - 6th Year Anniversary

  • Six of One, Half a Dozen of the Other: it is time to celebrate Pornceptual’s sixth birthday! Liberating, untamed, and combining the worlds of art, sex and underground music, our birthday party is one of the most eventful Pornceptual editions of the year. With an international lineup and kinky birthday surprises, we invite all ravers, freaks and queers to celebrate six years of coming together to explore sexuality, body positivity, fetish and freedom. | MUSIC by | SRVD | Radio Slave & Patrick Mason [Redkids] Henning Baer [Grounded Theory Berlin] VTSS [ Brutaż] Borusiade [Cómeme] Aerea Negrot [BPitch Berlin] Curses [Ombra International] Esther Duijn [Another-Earth | soulpeoplemusic] Gezender [International Deejay Gigolo Records | MAMBA NEGRA] marum [mina] Projekt Gestalten [VRAAA Records] The Lady Machine Laura de Vasconcelos [zona] + FOUR DANCE FLOORS + KINKY CINEMA ROOM + EROTIC ART PERFORMANCES + EXTRA DARKROOMS + ART INSTALLATIONS | DRESS CODE | Theme Related Outfit Latex, Leather, Lace Underwear/Half-Naked Erotic/Fetish Outerwear | PHOTOGRAPHY | Chris Phillips // Note that, for privacy reasons, we kindly ask other photographers/filmmakers not to bring a camera to the event. Also, we will not allow pictures to be taken on the dance-floor or common areas. If you want more information about this, please get in touch. If you have any queries contact us at [email protected] and we'll be happy to get back to you.
  • Porn by Pornceptual - 6th Year Anniversary - Flyer front