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  • Come early, come late, come whenever. We're going all the way around the clock with a marathon of live sets, DJs and live RA Exchanges, stretching out across Nowadays' indoor and outdoor dance floors.
  • THERE WILL BE TICKETS ON THE DOOR STARTING AT 11PM. THE BACK YARD IS FREE UNTIL 5AM, SO IF YOU ARRIVE AND THE LINE IS LONG OR WE'RE CLOSED FOR CAPACITY INSIDE, GRAB A DRINK, LISTEN TO THE TUNES IN THE GARDEN, AND WAIT A BIT. WE'LL DO OUR BEST TO GET YOU IN QUICKLY. SEE YA SOON! The rundown: PLANETARIUM We kick off at 8pm with a special edition of Planetarium, Nowadays' event dedicated to deep listening. 2018 guest and Nowadays resident stud1nt returns for an ambient set, before Detroit’s Scott Zacharias, who will bring things from vertical to horizontal. Hosting Scott is something we’ve wanted to make happen since first witnessing one of his legendary sunrise sets at No Way Back. In order to make this portion of the night as special as it can be, we're only selling a handful of tickets so that you can stretch out, lie on the floor and get totally lost in music. Bring pillows, blankets and sleeping bags to get totally stuck in. (Don't worry–you can put them in coat check when the next portion of the evening begins.) CLUB NIGHT By 12am, our deep listening session will have evolved into a full on club night. Modular specialist Russell E.L Butler kicks off proceedings with a DJ set, before Aurora Halal comes through with one of her famed live appearances. The legendary DJ Sprinkles takes us through until the morning. OUTDOORS AT NIGHT The outdoors will be free and open to the public from 8pm to 5am, and the Nowadays' garden will host DJ Voices, CZ Wang and Nadine Régné, some of New York's finest selectors, playing backyard jams, followed by a late-night video art screening with a DJed soundtrack from Unscented DJ. LATE PARTY AND SUNRISE With Sprinkles holding court inside, we'll host an ambient sunrise session with a very special set from Actress – undeniably one of the most unique settings to catch one of the most unique artists working today. He’ll be joined by Maxime Robillard and DJ S – AKA Hypnotic Spa. DAYTIME SESSION WITH THE LOT RADIO When it hits 10AM, Papi Juice will bring in a new energy. The party celebrates queer and trans people of color and the folk who love them. Expect breakfast juice, croissants and plenty of vibes. Returning from 2018 one of the most essential staples of today's New York dance music community will be looking after the lunch time soiree – The Lot Radio, featuring Alejandra Sabillon, Gene Tellem, Kris Guilty and Lloydski. Whether it turns into a hang or a full on dance party, we're ready, and whether or not you can make it to the event, you'll be able to tune in to this portion of twenty four/seven online. EXCHANGE At midday indoors, we'll begin a special RA Exchange series of panels curated by Working Women. Panels will include DJ Sprinkles, Taja Cheek, Liz Pelly, Papi Juice, Jen Lyon, Timmy Regisford, Daniel Martin-McCormick (aka Relaxer), Francois Vaxelaire (The Lot), Paul Rafaele (Love Injection), Selwa Abd (Bergsonist) and Shawn O'Sullivan. MISTER SUNDAY Come 3PM, we'll do what Nowadays does every Sunday – have an afternoon dance in the sunshine at Mister Sunday, the party helmed by Eamon Harkin and Justin Carter. HOW TICKETS WORK Each ticket tier has an entry time. You'll have access to every part of the event from the time listed on your ticket, but you must arrive in your allotted time. You can then stay as long as you, and you will be permitted re-entry, but you'll need to initially arrive in your allotted timeframe. For example, if you purchase a Planetarium ticket, you must come in between 8PM and 11PM. You can then stay as long as you want, and if you wanna head home for a disco nap, you will be permitted re-entry, so long as you arrived initially in your allotted timeframe. If you purchase a Club Night ticket, you'll have access between 11PM Saturday and 8AM Sunday, and then re-entry until the end of Mister Sunday. Just make sure you don't wash your stamp off if you head home for a rest in the middle and you can re-enter. See you front left.
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