Spectrum Formosus 2019

  • SPECTRUM FORMOSUS MUSIC, ART AND QUEER FESTIVAL NOVEMBER 1 WARM UP PARTY NOVEMBER 2 — 3 FESTIVAL After last year's edition, Spectrum Formosus decided to return once more to Wen-Shan tea fields. This year we aim to it make it bigger, better, more bizarre and beyond borders - real and imagined. We will collaborate with several queer collectives through the region from Hanoi via Hong Kong, Chengdu, Beijing, Tokyo to Taipei. The edition of this year will be a regional festival, celebrating the unity and shared visions. We asked these local collectives to join forces so we can share colorful experiences, learn from each other, celebrate and build a community reaching beyond the borders of our beautiful island. You are all kindly invited to join us for the third edition of our festival. To dream, to dance, to laugh with us and to experience a truly regional festival. We welcome all, from across the spectrum, regardless of gender, background and sexual preference. Please feel free to join us in our celebration and represent the spectrum of Taiwan. As always, can be expected from Smoke Machine, the musical program is quality and forward-thinking, with a number of stellar artists, from techno to house, disco, ambient, experimental and to back--the full spectrum. Beyond the above, we offer an extended program, new and old--workshops, outdoor cinema, vogueing catwalks, drag shows, and numerous outreach activities. Looking forward to seeing you all in November to enjoy, love and live in the shadows of the dome of pleasure and to drink the milk of paradise. See you at our beloved tea fields again for another edition of Spectrum Formosus. COLLECTIVES SNUG Hanoi LGBTQ Road Chengdu Host Hong Kong Motorpool Tokyo East Palace West Palace Beijing Pleasure Always Brings Pain Tickets including camping, warm up party and the after party.
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