Artificial Hells #2

  • *rkss* rkss is a London based Composer, DJ, sound artist, multi-disciplinary all rounder. Coming in as a tip from all over the place, rkss' sound perfectly crosses the boundaries between experimentalism and popular culture. Their recent record DJ Tools on Lee Gamble's label UIQ takes remix culture to its extremes. Giving a big nod to post-production and plunderphonics, Robin's work goes the extra mile to produce something familiar that never quite resolves, leaving you wanting more and more. Since our first listening of rkss' DJ Tools, we've been huge fans and we're looking forward to welcoming them to the Artificial Hells family. *Joe Bates* ​Joe's music is another that crosses forces between genres, having written works for a multitude of formats and styles, including full symphony orchestra, choir, solo instrumentalists and live electronics. On the 20th Joe will be showcasing some live solo material that sits right on the border of popular and classical. Combining hefty synth riffs with microtonal inflections, Joe's work is strikingly beautiful, concentrated and filled with an energy that is difficult to describe. When not composing, Joe heads up London night Filthy Lucre and is not one to be missed. *Oren* Providing tunes throughout the night, Oren is a DJ, composer and sound artist from London. Oren's productions and DJ set to bend genres, taking an interest in minute sonic details that produce parallels between tracks. Alongside a residency (that just finished after 1.5 years) with York's Clkwork, Jack has exhibited sound installations across the UK in venues like Copeland Park Gallery, CCA Glasgow and 3Sixty York. In between sets on the evening, he'll be exploring his record collection through mind altering soundscapes, sonic abnormalities and micro-textures to take you between the headlining artists. *VIRTUAL REALITY INSTALLATION TBA* OUR ETHOS Artificial Hells is an inclusive and open space for everyone, where new audiences can be opened to new forms of music and where artists feel comfortable experimenting with new material and unexplored territories. We exist beyond an event, as a collective, a family and a group of like-minded individuals. Tickets are £6-10, please pay what you feel you can afford - donations will also be taken on the door. If you would like to come but are on a low income, don't hesitate to drop us a message. Please note that we are an inclusive event. Discrimination or harassment of *any* form will not be tolerated. If you feel uncomfortable, please speak to any member of the AH team or venue staff.
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