NDSM Sessions Invites Matth

  • Live Techno Television from NDSM Dockyards, NDSM Sessions presents this night: 1. hybrid chill melodic techno set by MatthTunes; 2. build up from 123 bpm to 128 bpm by Olivia Jones; and 3. hard melodic and acid techno set by our new resident: Bands and Gown. 4. supported by our Resident DJ Valerio Sinatra. A four hour techno livestream. MatthTunes will do a hybrid set with improvisation, dj & musical instruments combination (APC40, MK 3 NI, CDJ's, DJM, saxophone, flute, keys 81). Olivia Jones will make us happy with techno and melodic techno beats. Bands and Gown is a surprise set up with hard melodic and acid techno with an analogue Mopho X4. There will be new tracks on the stream! You are very welcome to join our tribe by live stream or attendance at NDSM Sessions. Come dance the night away! Techno Television for our techno tribe. Limited attendance on location is available upon request via Messenger. Live streamed techno television sets: www.NDSMSessions.com
  • NDSM Sessions Invites Matth - Flyer front
    NDSM Sessions Invites Matth - Flyer back