Acidcase Mayan Warrior

  • A C I D C A S E __ love & trip over the time. Welcomes you to our always magical event. This time we fused the best of our underground and electronic Berlin scene with the Mexican soul. Working closely with our favorite Black Rock City burners, MAYAN WARRIORS, this collaborative project for this unique night event full of magic of sounds and secret surprises. TWO HEAVENS Ticket : INCOME CODE __mandatory dress code to access this area. Two Heavens is a special space that reveals secret corridors between two worlds, you can feel incredible qualities and you can access the pleasures that are only in this secret space and find the wandering souls from the desert that will dance furiously until they dissolve in the tunes. To find them you need an adequate dress code__ Burners dress code !! ++++++++++++ + Tree Stages & Music from sunset to sunrise. + 16:00 hr__Magic Garden Stage + 20:00 hr__Indor Stages Save the date and don’t miss your destiny. ++++++++++++ A C I D C A S E