Boiler Room Festival Day 4: Club

  • We’re ending the Boiler Room Festival with an almighty rave-off. Amidst all the artists drops we had to keep a lil bit of mystery - so we’ve pulled together an all-star cast of secret guest DJs to play our own in-house curated closing party. Trust us, it’s going to be a frenzy. Infamous Berlin crew Herrensauna have DJ Stingray, Blawan and SPFDJ joining residents CEM, Cadency and mcmlxxxv in the quest for high BPM techno bliss. Shy One, São Paulo collective Batekoo and BR favourites Sherelle and Anz are joining BBZ co-founder Sippin T on the London collective’s line-up. The Berlin-São Paulo connection is explored as Luz, Doc Sleep, Cashu, Mari Herzer and Carol Mattos - highly skilled residents at Queer collectives Room 4 Resistance and Mamba Negra - step up at their closing party. With Absolut Vodka - Head to Accreditation @ Rye Lanez w/ ID to pick up wristbands for access to all venues. Check the FAQs page for more info:
  • Boiler Room Festival Day 4: Club - Flyer front