Cookin Goose

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    Bjorno, Adam S, Ol Brooks
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  • Cookin Goose @ Nocturnal 21/11/09 After a small break, Goose is pleased to announce that we have moved to a new venue - the brand new Nocturnal Sheffield! Featuring a brand new system, and a rather mental lighting rig you will be able to carry on the fun after Fragment or Shuffle or wherever you've been, but don't worry - all the small details are the same... We are also pleased to announce that Goose will be every 3rd Saturday of the month, after every Fragment! This month Goose follows on from Fragment @ DQ featuring their biggest booking to date - CLIVE HENRY (DC10/Circo Loco)! So make sure you get on down for fun & games there first, oh and it's someone's totally unimportant birthday too! Bjorn, Adam S & Ol Brooks will supply your aural pleasure. Nocturnal Sheffield is our new venue; loud, sweaty & 2 min walk from DQ! Cookin Goose @ Nocturnal 21.10.09 Bjorn (Cookin Goose) Adam S (Cookin Goose/Toolroom) Ol Brooks (Fragment) Underground/Techno/Minimal/Tech-House 4.00am - 8.00am Nocturnal £5 All Night Look out for the Cookin Goose Gaggle. The Nights Not Over Til Your Goose Is Cooked.
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