Everybody is a Moon

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    • Gillian House, Stephenson St, London E16 4SA, UK
  • Date
    Thu, 6 Jun 2019
    15:00 - 23:00
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    Ollie Dook, Ashley West, Sophie Coates, Christopher Tym, Andy Holden, Mira Calix
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  • Join Fold (Lab) for a special event inspired by the Moon from artists Ollie Dook and Ashley West. This post-digital ceremony will celebrate Earth’s celestial best mate as a lasting fascination and focus of countless conspiracy theories. The evening will unfold into sound and image, including live performance by Ollie Dook and Ashley West, with speculative merchandise and design interjections from Sophie Coates, moving image lunarcy from Christopher Tym, and a brand new Audio mix by Andy Holden and Mira Calix, all embedded within the group show Up Is A Relative Concept. The artist thinks in the flowers while others watch TV. What is the value of positioning yourself as the outsider, the conspirator? The early Internet has an enduring relationship with conspiracy, giving anonymity and access to producers of alternative ideas via the discreet and coded world of Internet Forums. In recent years these niche interests have become widespread. Shifts towards conspiracy have advanced our waning relationship to the truth, encouraging us to question everything. Now is a moment of dread and fear as the world seems unstable on its axis. The moon is a constant reminder of uncertain truths. Its reality is questioned, its HD presence seems at odds with our own blurry vision. It is improbable and unlikely, yet there it is. Culture has a long-standing obsession with communing with the Moon. This evening will reach for these ancient urges - ceremonial, spiritual and absurd. Celebrating the potential of collective action when reaching for such celestial heights. Following in the tradition of symphonic orchestra live scoring, Ollie Dook will attempt to live soundtrack recent work ‘The Moon isn’t Real’ in collaboration with sound artist and school friend Ashley West, alongside other curated AV unified as ritual, seeking to transport those watching into the interstellar. Ollie Dook (b.1993, Brighton and Hove, UK) received his MA from the Royal College of Art in London in 2017 specialising in sculpture and moving image. Dook's work has since been exhibited both nationally and internationally at various venues including Jupiter Artland, Commissioned as part of Edinburgh Arts Festival, Edinburgh; Hannah Barry Gallery, London; and Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam. Recent projects include Of Landscape Immersion, presented for the invites program, Zabludowicz Collection, London, 2019, Silly Symphony, Ex-Baldessarre, Bedford, in December 2018 and Animal Stories, an online commission for Daata Editions, in 2018. Dook was awarded Landmark PLC Prize in 2015. Ashley West is a Sound designer and artist based in Brighton and Hove. He works mainly under the alias, Crooked Crossed, often exploring the links between image and sound. His work exists as stand alone albums that flirt traditional song structures with avant-garde soundscapes, as well as accompanying video projects, installations and computer games. West often collaborates with artists and musicians and continues a DJ practice, he will begin MA Fine Art Sound course at Glasgow School of Art in September 2019. About Fold (Lab) FOLD presents Up Is A Relative Concept, the launch programme of arts platform FOLD (Lab), supported by Arts Council England. FOLD is a new cultural venue based in the heart of East London’s Canning Town. Positioned at the intersections of the club scene, digital culture, art, music and performance, FOLD (Lab) will champion experimental arts within 7000 square feet of industrial multipurpose space, including an auditorium, state of the art AV rig, and high definition LED wall. It is uniquely placed to give cross-disciplinary artists the space and resources to realise large-scale works, push ambitious strands of practice, and present, perform and broadcast within an immersive environment. Up Is Relative Concept Exhibition will be open from 3pm - 7pm and will once again feature new installations, moving image, tactile interventions and more. Live experiences will activate the space with digital sound interventions and multimedia performances combining projection, music and movement. Each week the works will be re-configured and some works added and taken away to create a diverse and expanding exhibition. This week we have a new addition to the exhibition by John Strutton installed in toilets called ‘Dog Shit? In There?’. Contributing Artists: Larry Seinti Achiampong, Kara China, Ollie Dook, Roxman Gatt, Hart Art, Parker Heyl, Alicia Matthews, Karolina Magnusson Murray, Richie Moment, Kamile Ofoeme Laura O'Neill Robbie Thomson, John Strutton, Andrew Sunderland, Most Dismal Swamp, Voicedrone Curated and Produced by Karolina Emily Magnusson-Murray & Rachel Cunningham Clark & UCL Interactive Architecture Lab
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