ReSolute w Zip & Thomas Melchior

  • Minimalist masters (and returning ReSolute favorites) are booked for a blowout at an underground location.
  • STARTING at 10PM RSVP For Location: [email protected] This is huge... July 20th, some of ReSolute’s most dear friends will come together to New York for a special celebration! First, we welcome back a legendary artist who’s set the tone for some of the most incredible and memorable ReSolutes in the past few years Thomas Franzmann aka Zip, co-founder of the one of most reputable label’s out there, Perlon, is familiar with the dancefloors around the world and famous for his tremendous minimal shifts within the 4/4 scheme. He is a regular guest DJ in clubs around the world and holds residencies at Robert Johnson (Offenbach) and the Panorama Bar (Berlin). He also participates in the Narod Niki project, occasional collective laptop live jams initiated by Ricardo Villalobos and Richie Hawtin. We are elated to welcome him back for what’s to become another amazing night at ReSolute... Another Perlon master and dear friend - - Thomas Melchior to join his long time friend Zip in the not-to-be-missed celebration. Thomas, is an exquisite and a most accomplished artist with a musical career that spans out a wide variety of genres built on more than two decades of experience. Born in Germany, Melchior was originally a jazz funk instrumentalist, but later became interested in computer generated music, catching the eye of the notorious Afrika Bambaata in the early 90s and eventually releasing records in Aphex Twin’s Rephlex label under the name Vulva/YONI alongside Aphex Twin, Autechre and many others. Over the last decades, he's been building a huge discography under various pseudonyms, such as Deepah, Sunpeople, Soul Capsule and countless more. Considered one of the pioneers of the Minimal House genre, his career is, to say the least, enviable and it has never ceased to develop and evolve. Excited to have long overdue returns for both Zip & Melchior plus music from one of our favorite young artists over the last couple years Christian AB! And last but not least our very own O.BEE to hold it down as per usual.
  • ReSolute w Zip & Thomas Melchior - Flyer front