eZo Festival 2019 (Season Closing)

  • It’s festival grand closing ceremony on Jul 13 2019 and for this night only - Berlin comes to Ezo. This heartfelt night will have the music of Sisyphos resident DJ’s, Sisyphos’ own pizza and obviously endless rave. The great closing won’t lack the divine sounds of other giants either - who will fill haven of electronic music with new emotions just enough to last the rest of the year. Don’t miss the closing night and remember: the sun will rise again! ☀ Purchase tickets at: https://tickets.mzesumzira.com/ https://tkt.ge/eZo2019 Multi Pass ticket price: 130 ₾ Daily ticket prices: I basket: 50 ₾ II basket : 60 ₾ III basket: 70 ₾ At door : 70 ₾ Please note, there will be age and face control!
  • eZo Festival 2019 (Season Closing) - Flyer front