Robot City Feat. Illume & Arya

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    Illume - No Qualm Records Arya - Universal Tribe Records Pswill - Wierd Tsunu a.k.a Camila Concha - Undervoid Acoustics Estepa - Undervoid Acoustics
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  • ⠼⠬⠣⠽ ROBOT CITY Feat Illume & Arya ⠼⠬⠣⠽ In a robot world; a soul without memory is lost. Feminine energy flows and awakes our beings reminding us as part of a whole, raising our frequencies for the new worlds of spiritual regeneration. For this Fourth Edition of our ROBOT CITY, Undervoid Acoustics is very pleased to announce a line up full of female energy. Illume from No Qualms Records, Arya from Universal Tribe Records and our Resident Undervoid DJ Tsunu . They will be in charge of our journey alongside with a very well regarded member of the collective wierd, Pswil a.k.a Sam Wise. As on previous editions, this is a Saturday Night Takeover at the heart of the city. Submerge with us in this Dark and yet beautifully crafted soundscape. Let's enjoy the full Electronic Experience and let’s be the dancing souls of this Robot City. Special mention to our friends from Quiet humans for the outstanding videography from last edition of Robot City, specially edited in order to promote this upcoming gig. ⠼⠬⠣⠽⠼⠬⠣⠽ LINE UP ⠼⠬⠣⠽⠼⠬⠣⠽ ILLUME (No Qualms Records) - Melbourne ARYA (Universal Tribe Records) - North NSW PSWIL (WIERD) - Sydney UNDERVOID ACOUSTICS DJS - Tsunu aka Camila Concha Estepa ⠼⠬⠣⠽⠼⠬⠣⠽ TICKETS ⠼⠬⠣⠽⠼⠬⠣⠽ Pre Sales on Resident Advisor will be posted soon. Undervoid Acoustics have decided to open a LIMITED early birds sale in order to thank all the ones who have unconditionally support this constantly growing music collective 15 AUD Further details and full line up bios will be posted during the course of the event See us there ⠼⠬⠣⠽⠼⠬⠣⠽ LOCATION ⠼⠬⠣⠽⠼⠬⠣⠽ The Valve Bar BASEMENT NO LOCKOUTS #Darkprog #bushprog #zenonesque #darkprogressive #nightlife #keepsydneyopen #doof #bushdoof #psytrance #techno #psytechno #robotcity #undervoidacoustics #ethereal #quiethumans
  • Robot City Feat. Illume & Arya - Flyer front