City By Night - 10 Hour Sonic Performance

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    Tatu Rönkkö
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  • A LIVE SOUND INSTALLATION AND PERFORMANCE FROM TATU RÖNKKÖ City by Night is a solo project from Tatu Rönkkö, exploring the nocturnal sounds and silence of five cities around the world - Helsinki (his hometown), Porto, Tokyo, Buenos Aires and soon to be Berlin. Tatu plans to spend one week in each city, walking around at night - observing, listening, recording sounds and picking up objects which cross his path. Tatu will use the field recordings and objects he gathered during the nightly walks in Berlin as his instruments to perform the long durational work at the end of the week. Each city will have it's own unique piece, performed only once. Tatu says that during the continuous 10 hour performance he's hoping to fall into a trance-like state where time and space dissolve. As Tatu says, City By Night is all about the journey: what happens in each moment around you and inside you, not where you're heading next... The audience can freely move in and out of the dimly lit room during the performance, and we will have a BBQ and DJ upstairs in the hof for spending time in between. Guests can join in whenever they like.
  • City By Night - 10 Hour Sonic Performance - Flyer front