Karneval de Purim


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Karneval de Purim

Ritter Butzke
Sat, 19 Mar
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  • This event has been rescheduled to Samstag, 19. März 2022 THE EVENT WAS POSTPONED FROM 2020 DUE TO THE COVID-19 SITUATION. WE ASK FOR YOUR SUPPORT BY CALLING YOU TO PURCHASE TICKETS FOR THE 2021 EVENT AND HELP US FINANCE THE NEW PROGRAM. ★ EN // DE ★ Hello everyone, As you all probably know, the 2020 edition of our beloved Karneval de Purim was cancelled due to the escalation on the Corona front. Hundreds of work hours and about six months of preparation were lost, along with thousands of euros, as well as the fact that our entire event program is now cancelled. Those who have followed our posts in the Facebook event, know that as always - we were trying to react to the developments quickly and with full transparency. At the end, there was no way to hold the event. To those of you who already purchased a ticket for this year's event, we offered to either keep the ticket for next year's edition on February 27th, 2021, or to get refunded. We are glad that so many of you have chosen to keep their tickets. This is a wonderful gesture of support. We have been receiving very encouraging messages from people who understand the financial disaster that this cancellation caused us and the artists that were planned to perform on it. Some of you suggested creating a crowdfunding campaign in order to recover some of the loss. In the past few days, we have considered all suggestions, and decided on a different way: Solidarity Tickets. What's a solidarity ticket? Basically, it is a normal entry ticket for the Karneval de Purim 2021 edition. Despite the unique program and the rich content we offer on each edition of Karneval de Purim, we have always kept entry prices on a fair level, similar to most regular club-nights in Berlin. When buying a solidarity ticket for 20 euros, you: 1. Secure your place at the 2021 party. 2. Help us re-book the artists that were supposed to perform this year and also suffer from the cancellation. 3. Enable us to keep the project alive. 4. Support one of Germany's biggest Jewish events. Despite the fact that we will only receive the money after the next event takes place, it will allow us to safely build the program and keep to its high quality and diversity. In the meantime, we would like to thank you again for your support in the past, the present and the future. It means allot, especially in times like these. We also would like to ask you to stay home, be safe, and remain healthy. Our next event is the Jewish Street Food Festival on June 1st (Pfingstmontag), and we hope to see you there, safe and sound, after this whole madness will cease. Much love!
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