Papa Loko: Power of Intention with Suiss, Just b, Othon, Tigox

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    Suiss, juSt b, Othon, TiGoX, The Blonde Spirit
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  • Advance tickets are now sold out but there will be tickets on the door. Please bring ID with you to enter the venue! Papa Loko returns this summer with another cosmic, daytime rave, this time at The Cause’s newly created outdoor space! Pushing the envelope of what partying means as a collective transcendent experience and how it can be redefined, it is time to take a step further into the unknown and explore exciting new territories, blending partying, ecstatic spirituality and social experimentation into one. Keep reading! The Power of Intention Papa Loko’s focus on intention is not a secret and has been present since the party’s inception. From ‘Vision Quest’ to ‘Opening the Heart Chakra’ and ‘Unconditional’ we have been making the main intention of each event public, so you guys can carry it with you when you enter the space. Now, what we haven’t shared with you previously is that, according statisticians that studied the results of research studies such as the International Peace Project in the Middle East, it only takes the square root of 1% of a given population to focus on and feel a specific intention (in that case was the intention/feeling of peace) for that intention to start having an effect on the rest of the population. In our case, in a group of 500 wild Loko revellers, we only need 3 of us (2.2360 to be precise) to focus on and feel deeply the intention for this inner work to start creating any noticeable effects to the party’s atmosphere. By increasing the number of conscious participants, we are hoping to further increase the power of intention. Initiating Papa Loko’s ‘Field Group’ Experiment To kickstart the next stage of Papa Loko’s manifestation we have decided to start a new experiment in July. A small group of us will meet shortly prior to the event to meditate, breathe, chant, visualise, smudge, focus on agreed intentions, connect to the Cosmic Wifi and prepare the grounds for the party so our collective experience is infused with more love, more interconnection, more healing, more inspiration and more bliss! We will also be invited to focus intermittently during the party, just for a few moments, on the given intentions. It could be while we dance, hug, kiss or else. We leave it to your imagination! We hope that, by repetitively doing this work, the energetic field generated by us will eventually carry into the world around us and create a positive effect beyond our party. For practical reasons, we are initially planning to keep the Field Group very tight and by invitation only. However, if any of you is an experienced meditator that resonates with the idea and wishes to offer something to the rest of the Loko Familia, get in touch! The DJs: We are thrilled and honoured to have a couple of UK debuts by two strong artists that have made their presence felt in many other parts of the world already! Suiss (UK Debut) Originally from Washington DC and now an international DJ and traveller, Suiss’ music focuses on the deeper, tribal, melodic and more multicultural sides of techno. Despite his young age, he has presented his high energy sets in major venues, clubs and festivals around the globe such as Cat & Dog TLV, Baba Beach Club, Halfmoon Festival, Dreambeats Festival, Eden Garden, Peace & Love Festival, Guys Bar, Hangar 11, Clara Tel Aviv, Alcatraz Milano, Victoria Lost Paradise Koh Phangan and many others. His passionate dynamic delivery has gained him a formidable following and recently he was invited as a guest to the world renowned TEDxIDC show to talk about his personal life and DJ career. juSt b (UK Debut) Delicately weaving a diverse array of styles & emotions from deep tech, melodic house, techno, deep house, breakbeat, down tempo, and progressive, juSt b is one of Canada’s most versatile & dedicated of musical curators. Featured by the highly respected Thump, Berlin's Getting Deeper & Afterhour Sounds, Melodic Deep Amsterdam, and Miami’s Electronic Groove, she has shared decks with the legendary Sebastien Leger, 16 Bit Lolitas, Martin Roth, & Sasha & Digweed, and is a budding producer, published writer, & co-manager of a rapidly-growing European label & collective. Get to know juSt b at a deep & personal level through her monthly show, Undercurrents - consistently in the Top 5 on the world renowned DIFM Othon Papa Loko’s founder, Othon is known for his cosmic DJ sets, his genre-fluid productions and his emotive neoclassical pieces. A composer and a pianist, in addition to a dj & producer, he has performed his music in venues such as the Tate Modern and The Roundhouse (UK) and across Europe. He has created work with Marc Almond, Wolfgang Tillmans, David Michael Tibet/ Current 93 and other influential artists and creatives including shamans from the Amazon rainforest. Othon has just launched his record label Conscious Expansion with its first EP ‘Othon AYA Remixes, Vol 1’ to be released on the 23rd of May. TiGoX TiGoX’s (Giuseppe Gallo) made his strong DJ debut at Papa Loko a little over a year ago and since then he has been one of our regular DJs and an integral member of our creative family. Besides Loko, TiGoX has played in some of the funkiest underground parties in the city. His progressive and carefully crafted sound has a warmth, depth and a punch that our crowd simply loves! The Blonde Spirit The Blonde Spirit spins deep, soulful and dirty beats with an ethnic twist. She infuses her sound with feminine sensuality, masculine sexuality and transgendered sensitivity. Having played at Stunners and Fire a while back, she had a long break before returning with a strong and definite identity, DJing at parties such as Berlin Berlin and Transister, which she co-promotes. This will be her Papa Loko debut. Set Times: 12pm - 2pm The Blonde Spirit 2pm - 4pm TiGoX 4pm - 6pm Othon 6pm - 8pm juSt b 8pm - 10pm Suiss 'Loko Familia’ Ticket Policy In our vision for a constantly evolving and utopian party experience, we are continuing to give the possibility to those who cannot afford to party with us a chance to do it. So, there will be an allocated number of 20 free tickets, which will be given to those of you who are truly not able to pay the minimum £10 advance entry from Resident Advisor (or the £8 early bird). Please let us know by facebook message and we will try to help. Image © Victoria Topping Come as You Are, Leave as You Would Like to Be
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