[CANCELLED] Organik Festival 2020

  • Rave to the very best in deep, psychedelic electronic music on a black-sand beach in leafy Taiwan.
  • _________________________________ "Arriving there is what you’re destined for. But don’t hurry the journey at all." Once again, we like to invite you to our Organik festival. Nearing a nearly a decade, the ninth edition will take place during the last weekend of April. Per usual, we will take off for our cosmic trip Friday early afternoon, journey through the weekend, to find our destination early Monday morning when the first rays of sunline will shine over the ocean. For those who attended prior, we welcome you back to continue your trip at the beloved black sand beaches. You know what to expect. For those who are about to embark on their first Organik journey, we are looking forward to welcoming you to our destination and share our ideas, vision and dreams. See you all in April! ▲ Access By Car Drive Hualian Line#11 through Hualian Bridge and turn left, pass Yanliao Village, Henan Temple, Olive Tree Root, #12 Bridge, keep going South through Shuilian Village to Niushan Natural Preserved Area. (coast line 26.6km) By Train Take the train and get off Hualian stop, head right to Hualian Bus Station, take Hualian Line#11 to Fengbing or Chenggong Line Bus through Hualian Bridge, this will take about 50min to Shuilian Village, get off at the Niushan Natural Preserved Area stop. Otherwise, take taxi from the station to the venue directly. Address: No.35, Niushan, Shuilian village, Shoufeng town, Hualian county. GPS:N23 45 48.6 E121 34 09.2 _________________________________ ▲ Accommodation At our festival it is possible to camp and highly recommended even. The beach is reserved for camping and offers ample space for all those who enjoy camping. Please camp only in the designated camping zones on the beach. Camping outside the designated areas is not permitted. If you desire a bit less adventure and more comfort there are a number of smaller B&B and larger western style hotels situated along the coast between Hualien and the festival terrain. Please refer to the usual booking websites for these. Hotel: www.farglory-hotel.com.tw/en/ _________________________________ ▲ Notice ● If you drive to the location, please be aware of your own safety, do not drink and drive. There are limited free parking spaces outside. ● Anyone under 18 has to be accompanied by the adults, children under 12 are free of charge, please bring the credential references. ● If any artists’ change, cancelations, and unpredictable factors occur, tickets refund is unacceptable. ● The climate is constantly changing, rainy day is also expected, please supply any rain gear such as the rain boots, raincoats, and umbrellas. The temperature during the daytime may be high, please also supply any sun protection gear such as the hats, sunglasses, and sunscreens. ● The party goes on when rains. In case of typhoon and natural disasters occur, the event will be postponed for one week, tickets refund is unacceptable. ● The location will provide free bathrooms, please supply your own toilet articles, and maintain clean for other people’s use. ● To maintain the natural environment, the smokers should supply your own portable ash tray. Please classify and recycle your own trash, DO NOT leave any garbage behind, thank you. ● The location only provides basic medical care, please mind your own safety, any significant injury and emergency situations are at your own risk. ● Any theft and lose of possessions inside the location and parking lots are at your own risk, please take care of any valuable items. ● The lights are limited, please supply your own flashlights. ● Full price will be paid if any equipment are damaged or destroyed purposefully. In the case of trouble makers will be driven away and no ticket will be refunded. ● Dangerous waters! swimming is strictly prohibited, you will be responsible and paying all the consequences if crossing over the warning zone. ● The organizers have the rights to reserve any change. ● Tickets purchasing are regarded to agree with all above rules. www.smkmachine.com
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