Pt03 Open-Air: Moomin

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    Moomin (Closer/Smallville Recordings/Wolf Music Recordings/Berlin) Buff Girls (A.M. Colony/Lola) Jawgoh (Centre Source Records) Tantrum
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  • Out of the attic and into the light; we present to you an open-air, daylight dance. Warm house rhythms and beyond, celebrating the hypnotic output of our Berlin guest, Moomin. We’re taking to the Honkytonks laneway in the heart of the Valley to create an inclusive platform for thoughtful movement and afternoon delight. Breathing life into the space, our local support comes to you from coast to coast with Buff Girls, Jawgoh & Tantrum. Online tickets start at $16, and door entry on the day will be $20 before 5pm. Come with us, let’s share some magic.
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