The Hydra: Nils Frahm & Global Communication '76:14

  • In 2012 The Hydra series was launched on the August Bank Holiday weekend, so after a brief hiatus from this flagship weekend, we're very excited to reveal our return. Over three days we have curated a weekend of events that represent some of our key musical facets, so a beautifully mixed bag, but an opportunity to showcase some of the artists we truly love. Honouring London's diversity through the universal language of music, we present a collection of exceptional talent for the capital's electronic music community. A unique opportunity to enjoy this one-off gathering of venerated talents, under a single roof, over a long Summer weekend. Unmissable. One of our favourite events of the second Hydra series in 2013, was the debut label showcase for Erased Tapes, headlined by an immensely talented and-soon-to-be-massive German composer by the name of Nils Frahm. For us it certainly felt like a moment, where the worlds of Classical and Electronic music began to collide and open up a portal for all manner of amazing artists and records to emerge. The intimate confines of Village Underground have long ceased to contain his popularity, but our anticipation around Nils playing The Hydra is vast. In support, something rather special. Ambient music is as important to us any as any of the other myriad musics we cherish and support. So we feel particularly honoured to have been able to commission a one-off 25th anniversary performance of '76:14' by Global Communication. A mainstay of Top Tens dedicated to this music, it is a foundational record and we couldn't be happier about rounding off this unique bill with Mr Tom Middleton (one half of Global Communication, alongside Mark Pritchard) having agreed to put together a full, bespoke performance of this seminal record. Some way to take our bow in Printworks' Live Hall, we hope you agree...
  • The Hydra: Nils Frahm & Global Communication '76:14 - Flyer front
    The Hydra: Nils Frahm & Global Communication '76:14 - Flyer back