Body Music Therapy presents LDY OSC

  • 20:00 - 20:10 = settle in and intro 20:20 - 20:30 = 21 frequencies meditation (7 energy centers unblocking) Root to Crown 20:30 - 21:10 = conscious movement (DJ set) 21:10 - 21:30 = 21 frequencies live performance (7 energy centers settling ) Crown to Root Conscious Movement: To dance and move in a way, where you experience music with yourself and not worry about anyone around you. Most dance parties involve a lot of socializing and here the point is to experience movement whether stretching or dancing with full dedication to releasing tension in the body. The session will begin with a meditation, flowing into a dance , reaching ecstasy, and coming back down through a live performance of a frequency based meditation. Please remain sober, sans recreational drugs or alcohol. Please bring a blindfold or scarf to cover eyes for meditation, water and a towel! Join us for ecstatic dance Conscious Movement with LDY OSC. Get a package deal when you sign up for all 5 sessions by joining the Kiki & the Cosmic Egg mailing list below. Discounts available for BIPOC & trans
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