Solarium Festival Berlin

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    Manfredas (Les Disques De La Mort) Fantastic Twins LIVE (Optimo Music) Simple Symmetry (Disco Halal) russian.girls LIVE Balagan LIVE (Burger Records) Alex Kassian (Love On The Rocks) Steppenkind LIVE Moriah Plaza LIVE (Solarium) RAS LIVE (Average Negative) Salto Honduras (Solarium) Yonatan Tzruia (Solarium) nikkatze (Blum) Rudolf Abramov LIVE (Höga Nord) Neta Polturak LIVE MAIDENGAWD (Templeyard Studios, Nousdisques) M LovE (Relish) ELIJA Oscar De Vinzige VERY SPECIAL GUEST
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  • The Solarium crew is pleased to invite you to our first edition of Solarium Festival Berlin: a one of a kind 24 hour celebration of music, creativity and humanity! Escape from the city’ s madness and celebrate with us in a hidden urban location right in the centre of Berlin. A unique experience to stimulate all your senses in true Solarium style: ◆ 4 outdoor & indoor floors hosting live concerts and dj-sets from our favourite artists ◆ Special decoration with visual and light installations ◆ Authentic & delicious vegan food Art installations by: Wooden HeArt Sestry_feldman Champagne Pawliczek Caroline Barrueco Shimeji Bar Love, Solarium Crew 🌴🍹🌞🐍🍄🐆🐒
  • Solarium Festival Berlin - Flyer front