Krake Festival Day IV & V: 36 hrs The Kraken

  • Tickets are available here through RA, but also through our website Check it out! ------------ KRAKE FESTIVAL is a festival for challenging electronic music organized by the Berlin based Killekill crew. Krake means octopus: Over the course of one week the festival spreads across various locations, tipping its tentacles into all kinds of musical styles and activities. KRAKE is not about genres or hype, it’s about music, that dares to step off the beaten track, about surprising performances and a down-to-earth attitude, far off the mainstream. A festival for music lovers. --------------- On SATURDAY night Krake boards onto more than 36 festival hours where nothing is off- limits. Griessmuehle, one of Berlin's most notorious clubbing institutions, is located right next to the canal. Each of its three floors - Club Floor, Silo, and Garden - has a distinct atmosphere, which complements the musical diversity happening all weekend. The club floor will host Detroit-rooted duo Dopplereffekt - one of Electro's most genre- defining acts - as well as eclectic selector Otto von Schirach from Miami. Regis, one of the leading figures in techno, is in for a very special Jungle set and UK techno duo AnD step up for a 4 hour long journey stamping their renowned and forthcoming productions. Electro- explorer Jensen Interceptor proves why he has been one to watch recently. Arad, one half of Lakker, sings live over raw bassy sounds, while industrial act Tara in Tibet branches out into esoteric realms. Meanwhile, in the Silo, Jasmine Azarian, Rory St John and many more serve spine tingling bangers. The madness carries on throughout Sunday evening, with techno legend Ben Sims and Alienata taking you on a tour of their sound obsessions to close the festival. ------------ Day I: Ambient Opening w/ Dasha Rush, Cio D'Or and support Day II: Noise Manifesto / Warning w/ Paula Temple & others Day III: Undertow w/ Schwefelgelb, The Horrorist, Petra Flurr & 89st & many more
  • Krake Festival Day IV & V: 36 hrs The Kraken - Flyer front