Krake Festival Day I: Ambient Opening

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    Dasha Rush & Schloss Mirabell - live Cio D'Or - dj/live hybrid ambient set WhoKnowsWhoCares - live
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  • Tickets are available here through RA, but also through our website Check it out! ------------ KRAKE FESTIVAL is a festival for challenging electronic music organized by the Berlin based Killekill crew. Krake means octopus: Over the course of one week the festival spreads across various locations, tipping its tentacles into all kinds of musical styles and activities. KRAKE is not about genres or hype, it’s about music, that dares to step off the beaten track, about surprising performances and a down-to-earth attitude, far off the mainstream. A festival for music lovers. ------------ This year’s edition opens on MONDAY at Silent Green, a beautiful former crematorium in the north of Berlin, which has been operating as an art and cultural center for a few years only. Its remarkable octagonal domed room offers the perfect surrounding to host performances outside the usual club context. Techno artist Dasha Rush premieres her most recent experimental collaboration with cellist Schloss Mirabel. Cio D’Or, our second guest creates a live/hybrid set following her idea of a “pictureless cinema“. Close your eyes and hear the silent images. The evening will be closed by WhoKnowsWhoCares, who has built a whole live set around field recordings from an extended trip through Asia. --------- Day II: Noise Manifesto / Warning w/ Paula Temple & many more Day III: Undertow w/ Schwefelgelb, The Horrorist, Petra Flurr & 89st & many more Day IV & V: The Kraken w/ Dopplereffekt, Regis, AnD, Jensen Interceptor, Ben Sims, Alienata, Arad, Otto von Schirach & many more
  • Krake Festival Day I: Ambient Opening - Flyer front