7 Hill: Black Merlin / Bogdan Dražić / Residents

  • Took us a while to bring this together but alas it's here! We're proud to announce we've summoned the dark wizard himself for an intimate **100 cap** party in Sheffield's most prized possession - the dimensionless void we know as Mesters. /// BLACK MERLIN [ISLAND OF THE GODS, BERCEUSE HEROIQUE] /// Since his first project in 2012, Black Merlin has been remoulding his dark, psychedelic tendencies into new sounds with each record: from unworldly synth-pop to acid and EBM. Often mutually connected by his signature, hypnotic synth-lines and eerie atmospheres. Ever-present in his stacked catalogue on the likes of Mannequin, Omnidisc and World Unknown. Labelled by Boiler Room as 'the hallucinatory techno master' his DJ sets have earned an adulation of their own for their entrancing and dystopian nature that keeps you hanging by threads for the duration. And we can't really ask for a more suited venue to showcase it... /// BOGDAN DRAŽIĆ [THE TRILOGY TAPES, GIALLO DISCO] /// After seeing what BD brought to the opening set at our November due, the picture of him shutting down the closer in Mesters wouldn't leave our heads. And so, we've lured him back from London to command the decks with his eccentric and unpredictable selection of offbeat slammers. Both his 'Dangnabbit' and ‘House of Thwomp’ EPs have been a mainstays for us since their debuts last year and we’re informed he has a forthcoming project to be uncaged in the coming months... + our trusty /// residents /// will be on from open with some much needed oil for the gears. Can't flippin' wait! *Very limited capacity on this so buy early!*
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