Boiler Room Mexico City: Traición

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    Music Tayhana Ziúr Timbalerx Mexican Jihad Derre Tida DJ BJ Performance Sánchez Kane La Fulminante Pepe Romero Gvajardo Polencho Persian Circumcision
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  • Cutting-edge club music, kinky performance art and a super energetic queer crowd come together for this rooftop function in Mexico City's historic district.
  • Boiler Room and Traicion, a queer performance weekend gathering, have partnered up to celebrate the best queer talent in music, the visual arts and performance. In Mexico, Sunday is still traditionally the most –heteronormative– familiar day of the week, but now its also the queerest. Join us for a killer line-up and a 12 hour rooftop party at Republica De Uruguay 45.
  • Boiler Room Mexico City: Traición - Flyer front