Cenote Records Sunday Morning Showcase Event

  • Cenote Records is extremely excited to debut our first Detroit event! We are very excited to share our sounds with you and keep the vibes strong! Cenote Records is going to deliver the proper Sunday Morning Vibe to heal and nourish the body & soul, with legendary selectors in control of all you auditory needs. Fresh vinyl and mimosas will guide us through this musical Sunday Spring morning. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Agents of Vibe - https://soundcloud.com/agentsofvibe E Spleece - https://soundcloud.com/espleece FINLEY - https://soundcloud.com/jcfinley Jay Prouty - punisher - https://soundcloud.com/punisher Sergio Santos Music- https://soundcloud.com/sergio-santos ----------------------------------------------------------------- Party will start in the early morning into the afternoon 7am - 2pm Elephant Room, Detroit