Crux – Audio-Visual Live Performance

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    Repeat Eater Ben Pest CXNCXR Fedka the Irritant UKAEA Hackney Town Hell Stormfield Mowgli Oddscene L'Aubaine
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  • A late-night party-orientated edition of our regular audio-visual live performance event, Crux has been showcasing amazing livesets and VJ combinations since 2014. Come and see the latest technical wizardry and in-the-moment live electronic music from a great selection of performers, all playing on the booming sound system at Five Miles. + audio-reactive kinetic canopy installation in the club space by Dispositive Studio x Emi Mitchell — L I V E S E T S REPEAT EATER The concept of Repeat Eater is to bring pure analog warmth on stage and to your speakers at home. Using only hardware units such as modular synthesisers, sequencers & drum machines, Julien Guillot (formerly known for his breakcore act Stazma) is creating a web made of all kind of electronic music – from IDM to acid and from ambient to electro; the whole thing with a pinch of noise and punk attitude… let's plug in and see what happens! BEN PEST Ben Pest has established notoriety as an exponent of jacking live hardware-based techno, playing shows at festivals and clubs including Boomtown, Don’t, Uglyfunk, Balter, Glade, Suicide Circus, Berghain, Griessmuehle and Bangface. A Producer, DJ and performer, he has numerous vinyl releases on labels such as Varvet, RIOT Radio Records, Mindcut, Don’t, I Love Acid, Asking For Trouble, Horror Boogie, Bonus Round, Victim and his own labels OverworX & Panic Bridge. He is also member of 8-piece band Pest who have had several releases on Ninja Tune. He also collaborates with Luke’s Anger as Bebop and Rocksteady, their initial 12” release on Lost in Translation was followed by EPs on Bonus Round Records and Off Me Nut Records. In 2006 he collaborated with Cristian Vogel, what came out of these hardware jams was The Black E. Their output consisted of a twistedly jacking 12” on Sleep Debt and a CD on Seed Records, as well as gigs in London and Berlin. DJ set: Latest release: CXNCXR aka le Crabe Le Crabe is a performer whose music escapes conventional definitions. His Hip-Hop/Noise creations, sprinkled with Breakcore and Industrial sounds, are highlighted by a firmly Punk-Rock performance and outrageous humour – to be taken with a pinch of salt. He will be playing his doom / noise set called CXNCXR for even more distortion. His last EP is available on VOYDER ( FEDKA THE IRRITANT Too batshit for the techno scene, too techno for the squeaky bonk crew, Fedka the Irritant rarely gets booked. When he does get booked though it’s rough and funk filled techno with live effected trombone interjections seeking notes or non notes that might make you shit yourself. Bring fresh underwear and an open mind. UKAEA Live improvised rhythmic electronic music made with hardware. HACKNEY TOWN HELL Hackney Town Hell is a computer controlled DJ going to bring to you a selection of acid, techno and breakbeats. V E E J A Y MOWGLI Mowgli Art works across media and senses utilising technology in unorthodox ways. From audiovisual live shows to award-winning interactive installations and from live visuals to improvised music, his work has been everywhere from the BFI to Burning Man, often in collaboration with other artists and musicians. Over the years he has held VJing residencies at numerous events and club nights, providing visuals alongside world class artists and DJs. He was classed amongst the top 8 European VJs at the 2008 London International Music Show and is one of the directors of VJ London. He can be seen regularly exhibiting and performing at festivals throughout Europe. Currently he is collaborating with partner and fellow artist Aphra Shemza. STORMFIELD Founder of Combat Recordings. Audiovisualist for: Mick Harris, African Headcharge, Grave Miasma, Martin Delaney, Dvka, Varispeed, Crux, Mugako Fest, Brainwash Glastonbury, Katharsis Amsterdam and his own music projects Fausten, Scald Process and Stormfield. Recent visuals for Mick Harris’ Fret project: L’AUBAINE L’Aubaine (Laurie Bender) is a VJ, visual artist, graphic designer from Geneva, Switerzerland based in London whose VJ sets are improvised compositions made of layers of organic shapes, figurative elements and an explosion of colours. All elements used are self-produced, mixing different techniques, analogue and digital, such as hand-drawn animations, pattern design, drawing, typography, photography and videos. twitter @vjlaubaine HYPER VJ Hyperactive videojammer, maximalism colour frequencies representing the lumens. Playing with Resolume… Comps, decks, layers and effects you’ll be sucked into a visual vortex – pixel perfect my style is complex! -- Crux [email protected] -- The venue: FIVE MILES, 39B Markfield Rd, London N15 4QA Find your way there with Citymapper: -- WWW.CRUX-EVENTS.ORG
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