Quo Vadis / Veronica Vasicka / L.Sangre / Orphx / O/H / Nihal Ramchandani

  • If you're into the darker, noisier side of dance music, this is your opportunity to check out New York's newest purpose-built techno club.
  • Quo Vadis goes underground into Maspeth’s new BASEMENT club for a full evening showcase that moves through the gradient between live noise and electronics to late night, left-leaning mutant techno Veronica Vasicka L.Sangre Orphx [live] O/H [live] Nihal Ramchandani Tickets available on Eventbrite: https://bsmtjun8.eventbrite.com Resident Advisor: SOLD OUT VERONICA VASICKA Minimal Wave founder and seasoned selector Veronica Vasicka rounds out the evening, digging into her decades-spanning crates of reissues, minimal synth, industrial wave and freaky club music. Pummeling yet infectiously danceable, her jagged sounds and stomping beats march on until the morning. L.SANGRE [Limit-Xperience / Orden Extática] A punishing DJ set follows Orphx by local QV fave L.Sangre, blending EBM, searing acid and angular techno with accents of electro noir. The rising DJ, producer and label-owner uses a keen sense of all her styles to beat the dancefloor into a frenzy of melding rhythms while staying true to her dark gothic/industrial musical roots, making for a devastating and raucous underground party ORPHX - CAN [Sonic Groove / HANDS] Rich Oddie stays on stage, joined by longtime collaborator Christina Sealey to deliver their heaving live set as Orphx, which we’ve been looking forward to since they last played for us in November 2017. Hypnotic rhythms propel churning hardware with a dizzying and deep ebb and flow that throughout their extended sonic journey O/H - CAN [LIES Records News] Huren and Orphx's Rich Oddie have decades of boundary-pushing between them across techno, industrial and power electronics. Their collaboration as O/H (Ontario Hospital) is a bracing affair as snarling vocals rip through walls of noisy machines. NIHAL RAMCHANDANI Nihal’s DJ sets are crafted with the meticulous selections and impeccable care that reflects his vast musical knowledge and honed talents behind the decks. He’ll be setting the tone for the programme ahead with a heady mix of darker genres, drawing us into Basement’s shadowy realms.
  • Quo Vadis / Veronica Vasicka / L.Sangre / Orphx / O/H / Nihal Ramchandani - Flyer front