mina #16

  • mina #16 25th of April - The revolution did not happen for faggots and hores. It didn't happen for blacks, trans, and queers. It did not happen for the fringes of existence. As we celebrate here, elsewhere autocratic regimes emerge. In the spirit of queer solidarity, we invited very specials guests from both Brazil and USA who are defying their artistic and political local scenes while their democracies crumble. Known for occupying, decentralizing and hacking the Brazilian music scene, we are pleased to welcome Mamba Negra’s co-founder and ecstatic force of Sao Paulo's queer underground electronic music scene - Cashu. All the way from the midwest of USA, we are joined by two catalyzers of the veteran queer event In Training from Cleveland, Ohio. Kiernan Laveaux and Father of Two have been bringing together a wide array of talented artists to their parties, which has continuously offered a queer alternative to midwest clubbing scene. Joining our guests and residents in this 12-hour gathering, Francisco Aguiar, from Porto, will weave with different forms of jazz and spoken word, offering some aural and emotional relief at the crack of dawn. We survive the times and defy the gravity, we stand on our damaged knees and crooked heels - today is for celebration and communal recharge but raving is (only) one of our many powerful manifestations. Doors open at 22h00 ⚠️RSVP ONLY ⚠️ Space is limited and therefore we've created an RSVP system. Only people who are on our RSVP list will be admitted. Subscribe our RSVP list https://forms.gle/y57vFhCxhHygZwJ19 ⚠️LOCATION ⚠️ The address will be launched on our website 24h before the event ⚗ ⚗ ⚗ ⚗ ⚗ ⚗ ⚗ ⚗ ⚗ ⚗ ⚗ ⚗ ⚗ ⚗ ⚗ ⚗ ⚗ ⚗ mina is hedonistic and non-reproductive mina is techno-quantum beats mina is sex-positive mina is suspension mina aims to bring together ravers from the queer techno underground clubbing and scene to instigate towards sexual and gender liberation WARNING ☢please respect everyone and do not capture images (photos or videos) ☢drink water and play wild but safe ☢arrive early to avoid queues ☢In case you experience any form of disrespect and/or feel uncomfortable, ask for help at the ravers' care corner or at the door ||check our Soundcloud|| https://soundcloud.com/minassuspension ||play on our website|| http://minasuspension.com
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