Berries - Hip Hop & Beyond

  • BERRIES returns hotter than ever, so skip your trip to the sunbed and get grilled on our dancefloor! (emoji) For this special edition, we´re packing our lunchboxes for a class trip to the Berghain Kantine, where Tchuani and myshkyn will be hosting a BERRIES event for the first time. Not only will there be a fresh location, but a set of fresh artists to go along with it as well. With DREEA, Ace of Diamonds, Kim She and host myshkyn on the decks, accompanied by a live performance from up-and-coming rap diva Gianni Mae, this line-up is even more packed with club sound expertise than usual. Miss us with excuses and meet us at the party ♥ ♥ BERRIES is a queer-fem club night that wants to bring together people from different backgrounds and with different identities in terms of race, gender, and sexual orientation. We want our audience and artists to be as diverse as HipHop itself. Its surrounding Genres, ranging from Trap, Afro, Latin and Grime to various Bass sounds, are also part of our club nights.
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