Hunee at 'Discotekken 10 Years' [2 Night Weekender]

  • DISCOTEKKEN 10 YEARS PRESENTS: FRIDAY MAY 10, 10 – 3am HUNEE & Papa Lou at Wigwam (basement) Tickets: SATURDAY MAY 11, 10 – 3am HUNEE & Papa Lou at Wigwam (basement) Tickets: | this is a rare opportunity to see Hunee play an intimate basement club | We have been running Discotekken parties for 10 years and we still get a huge kick out of it. Who will we get to play? What venue will we use? What time will we start? Who'll play upstairs? and outside? will we see if your man wants to play live? or maybe Kate will want to do something. Actually will we see if those reggae boys want to come in and do something in the smoking area? they're the sweetest dudes & play the best shit. OK cool we're getting somewhere now. Who will we get to do the artwork? did you see that exhibition last week? yeah I think she's more of an artist (than designer) but her style is amazing, will I say it to her about doing the design? here did they fix the soundsystem, one of the bass bins wasn't working last know what would be gas actually, will we try get a load of........ The questions, thought processes & variables that go into running club-nights are truly endless, but they keep us interested, on our toes and meeting / working with new people constantly. It can be a massively rewarding pursuit and we would encourage anyone considering running music events to give it a lash. Aaaanyway, it goes without saying we're delighted to have HUNEE opening our "Discotekken 10 Years" series. 2 nights in a row too – what a trip! Lovely hurling lads 🇮🇪 HUNEE (Rush Hour) Papa Lou (Discotekken) + more TBA FRI TICKETS: SAT TICKETS: ___________________________________________________ Discotekken // Woweembeem // The RnB Club // Telephones Over the years Discotekken has spawned into a few other nights that each focus more specifically on non-disco orientated club-music genres, check them out above if you're not familiar. They're all running regularly in Dublin. Lastly, you can join Papa Lou's WhatsApp group for gig details, free tickets & spiritual guidance here: ____________________________________________________