• Shoom comes to Brighton beach at The Arch club. Shoom is returning on Bank holiday Sunday. We're all one on our dance floor ! Established in London in 1987, we continue to throw positive future thinking and welcoming parties in style. This Seminal club night is a Celebration of our underground music culture, where the music heritage meets the present... and the future. With mega headliner Leftfield, Danny Rampling,These Machines, ILONA, Carl Loben and more. With headliner Leftfield doing a DJ set, this is set to be an unforgettable Celebration. Leftfield (originally comprised of Neil Barnes and Paul Daley), have been at the cutting edge of dance music since the 1990s, releasing albums that have become some of the most influential electronic records of all time around the world with their debut LP Leftism being widely regarded as one of the most boundary-pushing electronic LPs ever released. In 2010, Neil Barnes reignited the Leftfield name, and went on to release an acclaimed new album (Alternative Light Source) touring the world with the full live band, with a string of sold out shows. Neil has also been cementing his reputation as a top-tier DJ and record collector unleashing modern dance floor weapons, selling out clubs / venues, headlining festivals and creating some amazing nights with his sets. Leftfield is a name synonymous with quality and Leftfield DJ Sets are exactly that, allowing Neil the chance to show the depth of his musical knowledge and select the best tracks to take you on a journey. “I’m going to be playing an eclectic range of house/techno tracks in my sets. I’m finding so many great new records all the time out there. My sets are all about building mood and tension on the dance floor - and dropping an occasional belter of course! ” With Shoom taking over The Arch, which is right on Brighton beach, we will be bringing you another amazing night to remember with our riot of colour, inclusion, and fun on a May Bank Holiday Sunday night. We are showcasing the very best of new Techno, Acid, and House talent, alongside music Heritage mixing. After much international success with two events Shoom in Amsterdam, we are proud to put on another event on our home turf in the UK this Spring. With friendly faces, music lovers,our crazy Shoom dancers, WALKPro3D on special roaming projections, and that famous smoky dance floor...Its all about the music, let's celebrate life! #ShoomFutureLove Shoom is a celebration of life and having fun ! The Shoom soundtrack of Acid Techno & House music provided by DJs who live and breathe music and play with great passion. Join us dancing to great music whilst meeting new and long time friends until sunrise. Releasing the spirit away from all the negativity thats going on in the world right now until 6am on Brighton beach :)
  • Shoom - Flyer front
    Shoom - Flyer back